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Topic: Houdini History
Message: Posted by: majikworks (Apr 7, 2006 06:33PM)
I know this may sound funny, but I was wondering if anyone knew where to find some geneology history on Houdini. I ask because his name is Erich Weiss and I'm Aaron Weiss. My history is from Budapest Hungary and I am Jewish. Same with Houdini. I am trying to find a link if there is a link somehow. Thank you
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Apr 7, 2006 08:25PM)
You might be interested in this site:

Message: Posted by: Dave Dorsett (Apr 8, 2006 12:23PM)
The following site is the Genealogy.com Web site linking to the surname Weiss-

Be prepared to spend LOTS of time!

"Notes to "HOUDINI" by Kenneth Silverman, while hard to get now, has a lot of information. There was also a Society of American Magicians committee that looked into the facts surrounding Houdini's birth. Info on that can most likely be found by asking any SAM official.

It is my understanding that Hardeen (Theo Weiss) had at least one child but you would need to contact Sid Radner in Florida to find out who they were or if any were still alive
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 9, 2006 10:16AM)
Try this link.Email the guy that runs it.