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Topic: Saving money on tricks
Message: Posted by: budsie175 (Apr 10, 2006 04:47PM)
This is probably not new, as I am here, but I have been able to pick up some nice items at ebay. Some new, some used, but never any problems. Recently Tabers 2 DVDs on rope tricks $9.50, Sanders Fiber Optics $14.50 and a nice set of 8 8" steel rings for $15.00. Worth a look I think.
Message: Posted by: Neil Marriott (Apr 10, 2006 04:57PM)
Aye eBay is good if your willing to spemd a fair amount of time trawling through the rubbish. I found a guy who was updating and backing up his video collection to DVD. I got Greg Wilson's On The Spot for a good price as well as some other good deals on videos.
Message: Posted by: DanielCoyne (Apr 10, 2006 10:59PM)
In the "Ever SO Sleightly" forum, Bill Palmer has warned about people misrepresenting or overcharging cups and balls on eBay.

Be careful about buying expensive, rare, or collectible items.

Message: Posted by: MattWayne (Apr 11, 2006 05:03AM)
Ahhh cups and balls on e-bay- no commento from moi. Ha ha, but yes listen to Bill on this. He is sooo correct.

I would just recommend being wise about what you buy on the internet- on a site where the world is open to you and it's many people.

Be smart- shop at magic shop- my suggestion: Denny & Lees.

best regards,
Matt Tomasko
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Apr 11, 2006 02:13PM)
Buy utility items ie.Thumbtips,shells,cards ect.Books and DVDs are also a great idea.To spend money on individual tricks is not alwals a waste,but most of the time...You'll get better value by investing in literature.
Message: Posted by: Chicagomagi (Apr 11, 2006 03:24PM)
I have bought the majority of my items off of ebay. I've found that I can save anywhere from 20%-65% off of retail.

Now, having said that, I feel a little guilty when I'm not supporting my local shops. But let's face it. This habit, I mean hobby, can put a serious dent in your bank account. So I do still try and purchase locally once or twice a quarter.

Be aware that ebay does have its fair share of bootleggers and crooks so you need to buy from reputable sellers.
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Apr 11, 2006 03:41PM)
I got my Johnson cups off ebay. Saves about $100 off retail. They guy had just bought Sherewoods. I've bought several cheap tricks that were worthless except to look at them and decide that I might want to get the expensive version. Sort of like buying Morrissey cups before Johnsons. I did my egg bag that way.
Message: Posted by: Clarioneer (Apr 11, 2006 06:24PM)
Just won 2 shells for less than a 1/4 the price retail
Also have some bids in for US and OLD english coins...

Thinking of getting a jewellers eye glass for a back in time rather than dishonest abe type effect - size/dates... I have a feeling the eye glass could be also used to load a coin?
Message: Posted by: psyrules510 (Apr 11, 2006 08:22PM)
I got jipped a few years back on a set of cups. Paid a hundred bucks thinking it was actual cups and balls but it was a dvd. Yea I dunnno how I made such a big mistake. that's what you get for not reading the description thoroughly.
Message: Posted by: AGMagic (Apr 11, 2006 11:50PM)
Quality magic is expensive. The props often are difficult to build and/or they need to look special when they are ordinary, or ordinary when they aren't. Props should be well built to last for years and the market is relatively small for most effects. (Read supply & demand)

You can save money by buying knockoffs, but don't. You CAN save money buying on E-bay, if you know what you are buying and who you are buying from. Do your homework or you may get burnt. A good relationship with you local Brick & Mortar Magic shop will probably save you money in the long run. Individual tricks may cost more, but they can advise you about the quality of the tricks and steer you away from the cheap stuff that you might otherwise waste your money on.

Magic was once sold almost exclusively through catalogs and misrepresentation was rampant. I fear that we are headed that way again. Keep the local shops alive. They are an incredible resource!
Message: Posted by: Tyler_magic_skater (Apr 12, 2006 09:00PM)
I have a friend that has bought like 300 old old magic magazines from ebay dating back to like the 50s and 60s. some interesting stuff in there.
Message: Posted by: rmoraleta (Apr 13, 2006 09:23AM)
Well I can't blame you guys for trying to save money. And there are things on E-bay that are sometimes really hard to find these days at our local Magic shops.
Message: Posted by: budsie175 (Apr 13, 2006 01:16PM)
My closest magic shop is 45 minutes away and is closed most of the time. I compare the online shops to ebay before buying so I do feel comfortable. Yet to be taken advantage of.