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Topic: How little is "too much"? (Venues and pyrotechnics)
Message: Posted by: EsnRedshirt (Apr 12, 2006 02:30PM)
I haven't used any pyrotechnics (even flash paper) for quite a while, and was wondering exactly how much has changed since the Great White tragedy. At what point is a permit needed for pyrotechnics on a performance stage? For a flashpot, obviously you need one but what about flash paper? Open flame such as candles? Enclosed/brief flame like a zippo lighter? Good ol' ignited non-dairy creamer?

And where is the best place to find the state laws on these matters? I checked the website for the CA State Fire Marshal, and found the site to be cryptic, disorganized, and not very "user-friendly". I just want to be sure I'm not violating any laws before I start planning pyrotechnics for my new show.
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Apr 12, 2006 02:52PM)
It is completely out of control.
Locally, (Grand Rapids MI area) we can do pretty much anything with the proper permits and a full review of the act by the local fire marshall (Who fortunately adores my group). But the second we go on any sort of tour...
Chicago for instance...No fire PERIOD. Not even a candle. Not even a bloody cigarette. Not even outdoors! (OK... then we can have a cigarette)
Basically, what we do is contact the venue where we are going to be performing. They usually know. If they don't, we get ahold of the local fire marshall. Then we usually wind up faxing or e-mailing him the information (Along with insurance that we have and a letter of recommendation from our fire Marshall) for approval. If you are only speaking to the Venue, make sure to ask if they have permits themselves. They might say..."Fire? No problem!", and unknowingly (Or knowingly) break the law and allow it.
As always cover your bum, and get to know as many fire marshalls as you can. They can be quite useful as well as provide important tips to keep you safe. A state's laws might differ from the local ones, so it is best to get in touch with the people who have to deal with them every day. The Marshall.
Just my experience,
Message: Posted by: Regan (May 16, 2006 12:34PM)
For years I loved pyro. In my days with a rock band we used it a lot in virtually every show we did. When I started doing magic professionally, I used my experience with pyro to enhance my magic shows.

Now I have virtually eliminated all fire effects from my shows. It's a sad reality that I am trying to get used to.