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Topic: David Blaine's latest, from E!Online.
Message: Posted by: mattneufeld (Apr 14, 2006 09:05AM)
From E!Online, post on Friday, April 14th, 2006:

AQUAMAN: Magician David Blaine set to perform his latest endurance stunt by living underwater for seven days and nights in a "human aquarium" in front of New York's Lincoln Center. He'll end it by attempting to hold his breath longer than the record of 8 minutes and 58 seconds. ABC will air the finale live in a two-hour special on May 8.

--Matt Neufeld.
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Apr 14, 2006 09:08AM)

This has been metioned in other sections. Also yesterday It was emtions on regas and Kelly Live and they are going to be showing david for apprx. 10 min every day during there LIVE show to see how he is doing.
Message: Posted by: mattneufeld (Apr 17, 2006 05:36PM)
Hi. I know it's been posted in other sections. I posted that item on Blaine on Friday, April 14, 2006, because it was posted just that day, April 14th, and it was thus fresh, and it went out nationwide on E!Online--a very highly-read, highly-regarded, highly-visible site that attracts news attention from all mediums nationwide! So from a news angle, it was fresh and new in terms of being reported at a highly-visible entertainment news site. As it was, that item got picked up and distributed nationwide, giving some fresh attention to the piece.