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Topic: Please help--Magic Survey for my fan newsletter: Harry Anderson
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Dec 3, 2002 02:05PM)
Dear magic friends!

I do a newsletter 4x a year for my fan club of Harry Anderson the magician. I was wondering if I could get some help from you all concerning his magic tricks, ability etc... Can you please take time to answer 5 questions for an article I will be writing in the next issue of my Harry Fan Club newsletter? I will be compiling answers to rate what magicians think about Harry.
Here they are, and thanks for your help. Any questions please e-mail me at harryandersonfan@yahoo.com
1. What trick routine/illusion do you feel Harry is MOST noted for?
2. What category or "type" of magician would you classify Harry Anderson as?
3. Which is the easiest illusion of Harry's one can perform?
4. What is the most impressive illusion/trick that you have seen Harry perform?
5. Would/Will you visit Spade and Archer (his magic and curiosities shop) in New Orleans in the future?

Thanks for your time!
Message: Posted by: Justin Flom (Dec 3, 2002 04:28PM)
1. Bill Switch? (I personally like Barstool Levitation on Stars of Magic the best)
2. Comedy
3. The "Masked Magician Mentalism" thing he did on WGM 5
4. Barstool Levitation on Stars of Magic (Christian Fechner's one BTW)
5. If in the area