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Topic: The Real Ring Flight
Message: Posted by: RandomEffects (Dec 3, 2002 11:52PM)
This is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen happen to a magician. While doing a show in a nightclub with a few other magicians as part of a promotional stunt, Magician X (who shall remain nameless to retain his dignity) was doing a very basic ring on rubber band trick. Once it was linked onto the rubberband he asked the woman who had volunteered the ring to give it a tug to prove that it was linked. In a moment that could never be recreated no matter how hard you tried...

She pulled on the ring stretching the elastic but let it snap back rather than just easing it back. As it flew back the rubber band broke, the ring went sailing out over the crowd. I do not know who had a more shocked expression, him or her. Luckily the ring was found and returned about 15 minutes later, apparently it had landed in someones drink.

Message: Posted by: Kathryn Novak (Dec 4, 2002 01:50PM)
:rotf: I had a similar situation where my spectator did the unexpected. Some days you're the pidgeon, and others, well- you're the statue.
Message: Posted by: illusionmaster (Dec 6, 2002 10:43PM)
This is precisely the reason why I don't perform this particular effect. The ring could be very valuable and in todays sue-happy society, you stand a chance of just losing too much...

Ring Flight just opens one up to a bad situation like this... it's not a question of if it will happen, but when!

Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Dec 12, 2002 10:49AM)
I would have to agree with you totally.
I am surprised that you don't hear more horor stories about someone borrowing a ring and then having a spectator come up and say one of my diamonds is missing, how are you going to pay for it? When I do my ring and string effect I use my old class ring (what else am I going to do with it) and then if I see a man's solid ring with no diamonds in it I will say we can even do this with your ring and do the last effect with it.
Message: Posted by: Geoff Weber (Dec 31, 2002 02:02PM)
Usually I find doing a trick with my own ring, but saying it could work just as well with their ring, is sufficient. If they are a particularly untrusting person, they can insist that you do it with their ring, but then at least it's them, not you, asking for the ring to be used.
Message: Posted by: Bascomb Grecian (Jan 4, 2003 01:56AM)

Magic with borrowed objects is very powerful stuff. I have performed with spectator's rings in my shows for twenty years!

I have had some minor mishaps; I lost a ring once. The ring was very small and fell off my Ring Flight. I later found it.

Did this stop me from doing the Ring Flight? No. I have had a great reputation in my area doing Ring Flight. This effect, as I perform it, is one of my favorite routines.

Stuff happens when you perform, roll with the punches!

Message: Posted by: debaser (Jan 14, 2003 12:39AM)
I think as long as you're not using rings with high settings you should be more or less ok.

And besides it just makes it more exciting for everyone.

Message: Posted by: MintonMagic (Aug 13, 2006 04:22AM)
Whenever I perform with someones ring I note the defects and jokingly cover myself by pointing them out.

I also had a magician friend working on a cruise line and he did the Ring Flight and what he heard was a complete nightmare...


The ring fell off hit the floor, and well met the ocean!

Now that is horror!!