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Topic: Vegas Illusion Show Tickets
Message: Posted by: magicdave777 (Apr 24, 2006 10:06AM)
Hey everyone. I am wondering the best way to buy Vegas Magic show tickets. Is it cheapest to buy them when you get there or order them online? Does anyone know any "tricks" to getting them cheap?

Also, I know there are similar topics such as this, but could someone list what shows are daytime and what shows are evening?
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Apr 24, 2006 10:48AM)
Make sure to wait until you get to Vegas before buying tickets. There are coupon books all over the place that will get you $5 off the Rick Thomas show and buy one get one free for Dirk Arthur. I'm not sure where but there is a free admission to Mac King with the purchase of a $7 drink. There are also several places that will offer tickets for shows at 50% off but the tickets have to be used that day.


Message: Posted by: Paul Arthur (Apr 24, 2006 02:33PM)
On 2006-04-24 11:48, Timothy Drake wrote:
There are also several places that will offer tickets for shows at 50% off but the tickets have to be used that day.


Tickets2Nite is next to the MGM Grand.
Message: Posted by: sperris (Apr 24, 2006 04:15PM)
There's that as well as tons of other 1/2 price ticket booths too.... be sure to check out The World's Greatest Magic Show, right now FISM winners: Scott the Magician and Miss Muriel are in the show this week along with Kevin James, Kozak, Joseph Gabriel, The Majestix, Billy Ferguson, and close up magic in the audience with Derek Roberts.

It's an excellent show that you should be sure to check out in a cool old style vegas type showroom.
Message: Posted by: magicdave777 (Apr 25, 2006 09:07AM)
Thanks guys, this is great info.
Message: Posted by: magicdave777 (Apr 25, 2006 02:44PM)
It sounds like most of you are telling me not to purchase my tickets early, correct? Does anyone have any suggestions on other places that are must-see?
Message: Posted by: jkesler (Apr 25, 2006 06:13PM)
Check out Planet Myrth Magic Shop...I think it is still open...A favorite spot of Vegas Magi...
Best Wishes,
Message: Posted by: NFox (Apr 25, 2006 06:39PM)
Yes, Planet Mirth is still open (as of mid March). I had such a hard time dragging myself away from that place. Earl Chaney is such a great, knowledgeable guy. Check it out.

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: Jazz (Apr 25, 2006 11:18PM)
Dirk Arthur is a very good mid-day show for your dollar. The price for the show is really good, around $20. If this was an evening show, it would be at least double.
Message: Posted by: magicdave777 (Apr 26, 2006 07:24AM)
I have come across a few online venues that sell show tickets at 50% discount. Are the prices going to get any better if I wait until I arrive in Vegas to purchase tickets?
Message: Posted by: magicdave777 (Apr 28, 2006 08:22AM)
Any thoughts on the Flamingo Hotel?
Message: Posted by: Face (Apr 29, 2006 02:28PM)
I must come down there miself once also :D