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Topic: Albuquerque Tricentennial Performances
Message: Posted by: RobertBloor (Apr 25, 2006 12:49PM)
[b]The LIVE! Wire - Updated April 25, 2006[/b]

[b]Fiestas de Albuquerque Performance w/the City of Albuquerque[/b]


[b]Unsold DVDs from Fiestas de Albuquerque Mean BIG Savings for you![/b]

Check out BOTH articles, in today's Live Wire.

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The shows went really well this weekend. It was the first in my 3-year-contract with the City of Albuquerque.

We had one bump in the road Saturday morning but the rest of the weekend went smoothly.

The kids enjoyed it, DVD sales went well, and now we're gearing up for our Summerfest schedule this summer.