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Topic: New Forums
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Apr 27, 2006 12:43AM)
I just wanted to say thank you for the new forums in the Lounge. I now have a place to go and ask questions about the SAM, IBM,and FCM. Just keep up all the great work you are doing here.

Thank you
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Apr 27, 2006 01:48AM)
Any word yet on who the moderators are going to be?
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Apr 27, 2006 02:45AM)
The new forums are net yet ready but I hope to have them up and running very soon.

Regarding moderators (Staff) for said forums, member [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/bb_profile.php?mode=view&user=528]Steve Hart[/url] will be helping helping out with the I.B.M. forum. I hope to have one other for that forum but have not heard back from him yet. :)

In regards to the S.A.M. and FCM forums, I am currently seeking at least two mods for each of those forums. Anyone who is active in SAM or FCM that may be interested please contact me via private message.

For those of you who may be wondering why I have created these new forums the answer is quite simple: Posts regarding all three of these great organizations are posted everywhere on the Café. By providing each club with its own area, it is hoped that we can better consolidate these posts, thereby making it much easier for everyone concerned. In addition, I am of the opinion that the IBM, SAM and FCM (I am a member of each) do not really have a good meeting place online. Members who belong to one or more of these organizations are coming to the Café anyway, so we might as well provide them with their very own meeting spot.

I hope this helps to answer any questions concerning The Lounge. :nod:

Thanks for your interest everyone. :smoke: