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Topic: Noahs ark story bag question
Message: Posted by: Michael238 (Apr 29, 2006 09:45PM)
I do not know how many of you use the story bags. They get turned inside out 4 times, they all have a differnt picture. I was going to put balloons inside the zipper compartment, and then make a balloon rainbow. I was curious if any one had a good idea to be able to talk about the menaing of the rain bow, while twisting the balloons? This wil be slightlt time consuming, so I was just wondering what any of you great people have done here?


Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (May 2, 2006 02:52PM)
I suppose you could make up a story, but in Genesis, God states it is His promise not to destroy the world by a flood. You might try to expand upon that.
Message: Posted by: revlovejoy (May 2, 2006 03:11PM)
LOL Lefty.

Yeah, no offense to the poster here, but this one is covered. I'm all for story magic and creative plotlines, in fact I probably do too much of it. But in this case, if you want to talk about meaning of rainbows in an Old Testament way, no need to reinvent that wheel.

If you meant that since it's a long piece, and you want to do something about each color, that may be another matter.
Message: Posted by: phill (May 4, 2006 07:04AM)
I have used the story bag with balloons sculpting a rainbow also. The "story-line" I use is that of the 'Wordless Book'. There is a thread here that covers that topic.


Hope this helps.