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Topic: Flagstaff
Message: Posted by: threecardmonte (May 2, 2006 07:08AM)
I want to produce a 12" x 32' silk streamer from a dove pan, but would like to hook it up to a flagstaff so I can whip it out of there quick. Any ideas where I can find such a device that would fit in a dove pan?
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (May 3, 2006 05:45AM)
If you're really serious, you could cut a "U" shaped hole in the cover,gimmick and base pans so the flag staff can stick out of what then will become the "back" of your dove pan. You would just have to hold it with the staff at the back, perhaps even sticking up your sleeve as you flash the "empty" pans around, your thumb hiding the cut in the bottom pan. I'm not sure the effect would be worth this drastic bit of surgery on your pans, but it would surprise the heck out of magicians watching you (unless, of course, they are members of this forum).

It would be better to NOT cut up your pans, but produce a bunch of ordinary silks from the pan instead, then under cover of the silks, load in the flag staff and whip it out (so to speak) as the silks go flying, thus making it SEEM as if the flag and staff had just come from the same pan as the silks.
Message: Posted by: Regan (May 3, 2006 11:02AM)
Magic Ian used to see an effect that worked with an appearing cane. I have it, but I cannot remember what it is called. It worked with an American Flag, approximatly 12" x 18", but if you are doing it from a dove pan, I think it would be easy to attach a streamer instead. I don't know if it is still available.