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Topic: David Regal's Books ?
Message: Posted by: Joe (Dec 6, 2002 07:43AM)
Hi me again
Has anyone got David Regals new books, if so what do you think?
Joe :cool:
Message: Posted by: jmmagic (Dec 6, 2002 09:27AM)
Hi Joe,

Yes I have the books and they are great. Lots of good material and they are also allot of fun to read.

I have only read half way thru the 2nd book. Don't know why I started with book 2 :confused:

it was the one I picked up I guess, but have also skimmed over the 1st book also.

The descriptions are very clear and the photo's are great. It was worth every Penny for the set.

Hope that helps
Message: Posted by: Ron Giesecke (Dec 6, 2002 09:47AM)
David Regal has a kid-like sense of creativity. His primary living as a writer I think helps expand his overall peripheral creative side.

Overcoming things like writer's block can cause one to drift outside the comfort zones, and really, especially for me, those have been some of the most fruitful times of my life.

Get his books. You will not regret it.
Message: Posted by: jeline (Dec 6, 2002 10:52AM)
I second what they have said. I enjoyed the books very much and have been working on a number of quality effects. His descriptions are consice and even amusing at times.

His ideas with the new removable double stick tape are great! Having a lot of fun playing with that!
Message: Posted by: Alan Jackson (Dec 8, 2002 02:11PM)
I'd also recommend "Star Quality" by Harry Lorayne. It's based on the work of David Regal (mainly, but not entirely, cards).
Message: Posted by: Pavlo (Dec 8, 2002 02:17PM)
I have volume one and it clearly illustrates his fresh and innovative thinking.
Message: Posted by: Joe (Dec 10, 2002 08:11AM)
Thank you all very much for replying to this post with your valued input, I have also now had the books recommended by a friend who assures me I will like them.
Thanks again
Message: Posted by: Axman (Dec 10, 2002 12:51PM)
you can't go wrong with David regal books. I have them all and will keep them till I die or they get stolen.
Message: Posted by: psychic (Dec 11, 2002 09:41AM)
I don't have his books, but got all reently released DVD. They are very good. My first class collections.
So I guess the books wouldn't stray far.
Pls let me know if anyone of you have his books & DVDs. Would like to compare some notes. :coffee:
Message: Posted by: scottlurowist (Dec 11, 2002 10:01AM)
I have the Regal 3 DVD set. Wow. I REALLY love this. Besides great effects, the explanations are amazing. David doesn't just explain how he does things... he explains the WHYS of how he does things. He explains the psychology behind a lot of his effects. Occasionally he offers little sidebars of information. I like books AND videos. Watching video first lets you see how the effect plays with an audience. Some of David's effects are self-working, and just be reading a book, I might dismiss the effect. So I think his DVDs and books complement each other well.

I should also mention that with the DVD set, you really get a peek into how David's mind works. That is perhaps why I love his DVD set so much.

I do have his first book, and Constant Fooling vols 1 and 2 are on order. David just might be my favorite magician.

Message: Posted by: paladin1 (Apr 24, 2007 10:49PM)
I have a suggestion, read his books first and you'll be impressed with the quality of thinking that goes into his effects. Then, watch the performance of these effects on his tapes or DVD's and you'll be impressed with his showmanship.