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Topic: Card Compulsions - Peter Duffie
Message: Posted by: Whitini (Dec 7, 2002 01:10PM)
Hi, I have been contemplating getting this book, does anyone here have it, if so what is it like, what types of moves, slights and tricks are in it. please let me know.

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Dec 7, 2002 01:34PM)
Im trying to get it my self I here it is excellent, there a slight im interested in it is called the toss through change.
peter demo ed it on the magacivideodepot.com
Message: Posted by: Whitini (Dec 7, 2002 01:40PM)
I have heard of it, i think i know how its done. listen to what what he sais at the beginning of the video. "this is the toss in LAP switch". I think hes laping the card and then making it look like hes just tossing it in. Hes a really good magician though isnt he?

Message: Posted by: Euan (Dec 7, 2002 01:49PM)
It's an excellent book and there are a lot better items in it that the toss in switch. It's class in a glass (you have to supply your own glass though ;) )

Message: Posted by: Whitini (Dec 7, 2002 02:18PM)
Hi, sorry to be a bother Euan but could you give me some other examples of the stuff in card compulsions. Is there a lot of slight of hand stuff is is it a lot like his e-books where the stuff is pretty simple and easy to do?


Ps, I checked out your web page, good job! :smiletear:
Message: Posted by: Euan (Dec 7, 2002 04:16PM)
Thanks Whitini.

Well it's a mixture really, there are some simple effects and there are some not so simple.

He covers a number of card plots, eg ace assemblys, sandwich effects, hofsinzer ace problem, lie detector, card to pocket, transpositions, etc.

Probably my favourite is an effect called Caprice which is a really neat card to pocket routine, which you should definatly check out :)

Theres also a section on moves which is quite interesting, covering cutting subtleties, interesting palms, double lifts, and a nice convincer for TILT which lets you show that the card really is going into the centre before you square it into the deck.

Class book.

Message: Posted by: Whitini (Dec 7, 2002 04:18PM)
thank you very much for your help Euan!
Message: Posted by: cardfreakhk (Dec 7, 2002 05:55PM)
It seems to be a Cool book! ^_^"
How much is it?

Michael Lam in Hong Kong
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (Dec 7, 2002 06:12PM)
Hello Michael,

Please find the price in some site of magic dealer. In that way you can save your time to know about the book a lot more.

If you have read Peter's "Effortless Card Magic", you can expect same quality and enjoyment in the "Card Compulsions".

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: Garrett Nelson (Dec 7, 2002 07:50PM)
I enjoyed the book. Not to mention the illistrations (if you have it, you know what I mean).

I thought the best effect is actually the first one. Funny how that happens. But there are definately a few interesting things in it.

As for the toss through change...
I can up with it independantly, then found out it was actually already invented by Duffie. It looks really good face-up. And I thought I was clever for a little while! :(
But it really is neat if you have the right situation.

If you look in my briefcase ( http://briefcase.yahoo.com ) and look under card changes, I have a video of it face-up if you are interested.

Message: Posted by: sawrath (Jun 29, 2005 01:09PM)
Anybody know where I can get a copy of this?
Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Jun 29, 2005 01:17PM)
I have it, Plenty of good material in it plus some bizarre sketches with a sexual theme by illustrator Joseph Schmidt. Not recommended for holy rollers or those easily offended by adult only art.
Message: Posted by: cgscpa (Jun 29, 2005 04:33PM)
I have this book too and like all of of Mr. Duffie's books, it has some some good material between it's covers.

Regarding the sketches of the nude women they were not drawn by Joseph Schmidt but were actually from a book of clip art.

Here is a link with some more information from the author himself about this book and the illustrations.


Sawrath - if you are looking for a new copy of this book I know it's available at http://www.barrysmagicshop.com
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Jun 29, 2005 08:54PM)
Definitely a gold and wealth book of card magic. I have been rereading this Peter Duffie's book many times, until today, I am still using his materials in it.

A must have book category!!!

Message: Posted by: RMoreland (Jun 30, 2005 01:13AM)
Hi gang,

The only thing I think is wrong with this book is that it did not have a "TOP SECRET" sign across the front of it. It hurts to say it but this book is Highly Recommended. But please don't buy it right away. At least wait until we can meet so I can fry you with the Material that is in there first.

Take it Sleezy,

Robert Moreland
Message: Posted by: Salby (Aug 28, 2008 10:27AM)
Sorry to resurrect this....

Trying to get a review of this book.
Message: Posted by: Steve James (Aug 28, 2008 12:21PM)
All of Peters Ebooks are well worth trying out
I recently bought his "7" ebook.
Full of great stuff.
Klectors is ingenious {see vid demo on his site http://www.peterduffie.com} nice new handling for "Oil & Queens" too.
Great Diary trick in there too.

At the moment, Peter has a 2 for 1 sale on, HOWEVER,he"s calling it Summer Madness, god knows where he got the Summer part from.

Message: Posted by: ASW (Aug 28, 2008 05:03PM)
I think this is Duffie's best book. There are some very good tricks in there (I especially liked "Thoughts on the Bottom") the illustrations are charming, and his introductory comments are excellent.
Message: Posted by: double_lift (Aug 29, 2008 05:08AM)
I agree completely.

Out of the hundreds of books and e-books that he's put out, this is in my opinion his absolute best. And the artwork is pretty nice.

Go get it!
Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Aug 29, 2008 05:40AM)
I own two hardback books by Peter Duffie..."Effortless Card Magic" & "Duffie's Card Compulsions". I consider them two of my favorite reads. If you can find a copy of "Card Compulsions", get it. You will have 59 phat routines and 15 sleights that will make you a better technician. Every effect is rightfully explained and he cites credit when/where credit is due, a trait that I admire him for.

This is not a beginner's book, you will require a working knowledge of the basics as well as slightly more advanced sleights. But, there are no real knuckle- busters. He does offer different methods as a means to an end. For instance, there are 3 methods for his "A Hofzinser Trilogy" (1). Triggered Hofzinser. (2). No-Trigger Hofzinser, & (3). A Mild Solution. The latter is self working, the first requires a working knowledge of Roy Walton's Trigger. The effect is his solution to the Hofsinzer 4 ace (and selection) problem, and a mighty fine answer IMHO.

I love books that include a chapter on sleights that are used in the effects therein. The Grift Shift, The Double Innercut, The Double Overcut, & The Production Cut are a few that tickle my fancy.

I hope that you add this remarkable gem to your library, I'm glad that I picked it up several years ago in Daytona Beach during a magic convention, it was the last copy that was available. As Roy Walton says of this, "magic books come and go, but this book will come and stay".

:) :bwink:
Message: Posted by: muse (Aug 19, 2009 02:26PM)
This is a really good book. There is a mixture of 'sleighty' stuff and some nice 'self-working' things too, along with some specific sleights as mentioned above, which are straightforward and were even within my abilities. The descriptions are very clear and explain things well. I really enjoyed this.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Aug 19, 2009 05:10PM)
I'm clearly and shamelessly biased but, even when trying to place this aside, one of Peter Duffie's best book is the Magic Of Fred Robinson which came out at the beginning of the year.
Now this is not a beginner's book and I have nothing negative to say on any of the books recommended in this thread.
The etchings in Card compulsions are showing women in the nude but have no more pornographic aspects than Greek or Roman statues. Erotic possibly but artistic for sure.
Message: Posted by: redeagle (Aug 19, 2009 06:31PM)
I agree with Muse and Lawrence O. This book is very clear and well written. A nice mix of effects and sleights. Fun to read and the art deco style sketches are tasteful and very nicely done. It is one of my favorite acquisitions.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Wiese (Aug 19, 2009 08:13PM)
H&R has three copies left:


Currently I'm working on Dearly Departed from that book. Jack Carpenter has his handling of it here:


ETA: Sheesh...I didn't realize this thread was started in 2002. Oh well, hope everyone who was looking has found a copy by now.
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Aug 19, 2009 11:48PM)
I still recalled I use the four aces production trick in the beginning of this book and fooled my magician friend in Japan 2 years ago.

I highly recommend anything written by Peter Duffie, who fine tuned my 'pass' in my early days of card magic learning journey.
Message: Posted by: helder (Apr 5, 2016 05:35AM)
Caprice is great routine. 😉
Message: Posted by: JoelDickinson (Sep 29, 2017 03:55PM)
For those who are also Peter Duffie fans you may well be delighted to know this exceptional book is now available to buy directly from Peters website.
Message: Posted by: greig ewen (Sep 30, 2017 11:51AM)
Great book, love Peter Duffie. Only problem is the size of the book, just looks out of place on my shelf, anyone who has the book will know what I'm talking about lol :rotf: :bikes: