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Topic: EGGS!
Message: Posted by: Luke Sherratt (May 31, 2006 04:51PM)

My female dove has just laid an egg??! What should I do? I put in a litte plastic tray thing and a towel for it to sit on but its just sitting there, starr(my dove) is paying no attention to it?


Message: Posted by: BalukMagic (May 31, 2006 06:03PM)
Do you have just a femle? OR a male aswell?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (May 31, 2006 08:08PM)
Luke, usually if you move the egg, the adult will not have anything to do with it. If you only have the one bird, then you can throw the egg away. It won't be fertile. If you have a male and female, see what happens in a day. If they don't sit on it within a few hours, they won't.
Message: Posted by: Luke Sherratt (Jun 1, 2006 03:26PM)
ARGH! well you see she layed it in the seed bowl so I moved it into a box that I was hoping would be their nest. I do indeed have a male I was hoping for some babies but nevermind I suppose there will be more lol.

Thanks guys,

Your always so forthright with your knowledge, it makes newbies to dove work like me feel safe in the knowledge that someone will know what I am talknig about and can help,

Message: Posted by: Luke Sherratt (Jun 2, 2006 02:06PM)
Hi everyone,

She has had another one this morning and they are taking turns to sit on it. Should I be doing anything special? Or shall I just let them do it?

Message: Posted by: 1906Alpha1906 (Jun 2, 2006 03:04PM)
Just let them take care of it. Just put another seed bowl in there since they have already chosen the other for a nest. *smile* Good Luck and have fun!
Message: Posted by: abbascup (Jun 8, 2006 03:28PM)
I have an egg today too. The male is sitting on it. I never raised a dove from Birth. Hatch?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 8, 2006 08:27PM)
Abba, the male will sit on the egg from aboutr 10AM to 4PM and then the female will take over. It sounds strange but somehow they know how to tell time. You don't have to do anything with the newbie. If it's fertile, it will hatch in about 21 days. The parents will do everything necessary to raise it. It comes natural to them. After about 4 weeks or so, they'll start leaving the baby alone and afte about 6 weeks, it will be entirely on its own. Don't handle the baby until that time.