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Topic: Coin books without sleeving
Message: Posted by: Rob Pond (Jun 3, 2006 11:30AM)
I have got done with Bobos and I want to move on to more coin magic. My problem is I never were long sleeves or a suit, so I want to do coin magic without sleeving. I wanted to know which books you thought were the best that didn't use sleeving or very little of it that I could handle after Bobos.
Rob Pond
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Jun 3, 2006 12:12PM)
Wiz, there's loads of stuff man...:) Actually, most of it doesn't use sleeving at all. Check out any of the books out there, but I will mention Larry Barnowsky's Book, 21st Century Coin Mechanics(?), as it teaches a lot of good coin stuff in an interesting way, and no sleeving necessary. :) Also, most dvds don't use sleeving i.e., Michael Ammar's Complete Intro to Coin Magic (1 disk) show you all sorts of doable coin sleights, tricks, routines, etc....and not much of any sleeving is shown as I remember it. I happen to like sleeving, wonderful advantage to master in magic. But I hear Platt here on the Café is coming out with a new dvd "Catapault" that will deal with some sleeving for folks that don't where jackets, long sleeves, etc....He's doing it with short sleeves I think - pretty creative guy that Platt. :) Not to mention he has some very good coin ideas for folks like you just coming out of Bobo's. Shhhhhhh, but really, you never come out of Bobo's. ;) Anyway, hope all this helps....Also the Roth Coin Books are nice next steps in all this stuff. And you might reach out to Godhandz here as to specific books for you...the cat is well-read and quite literary in such matters. :) -MB
Message: Posted by: Rob Pond (Jun 3, 2006 12:45PM)
Thanks for the help. I heard a lot about Richard Kaufman's book, Coin Magic. Does it require much sleeving?
Rob Pond
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jun 3, 2006 01:35PM)
"Coin Magic" don't have much s****ing.
Actually, Bobo's has a lot of effects that don't require s****ing.
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Jun 5, 2006 03:09PM)
Yeah, you definitly want Coin Magic.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jun 5, 2006 09:15PM)
Most coin magic books do not rely heavily if at all on sleeving. Al Schneider on Coins, Coinmagic, the Roth book, the notes of Rubinstein (that's me!), Kam, Gallo, Latta, Roth, Harbottle, the booklets by McClintock, and so many of the stuff from the other guys that post here - Kranzo, Brewer, etc. Nothing wrong with sleeving, but there are so many other ways to ditch coins I wouldn't worry about that - just look for what feels good to you.
Message: Posted by: Rob Pond (Jun 6, 2006 10:53AM)
Thanks for all the replys. I think I will get coin magic first, then when I am done with it, I will head to more advanced books.
Rob Pond
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jun 6, 2006 05:51PM)
Expert Coin Magic has three major sections...and if memory serves...very little sleeving is involved...with exception of the unattached sleeve for jumbo production which is a classic.
Message: Posted by: LarryTaylor (Jun 6, 2006 10:42PM)
Expert Coin Magic Roth and Bo bo is a life time of study, and well worth the effert.