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Topic: How To Jump on The Money Bandwagon And Make a Ton Of Jack.. Only In America.(Film At Eleven, Folks)
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jun 4, 2006 08:02AM)
I think I finally have it figured out. It's the only explanation I can come up with.
Infomercials. They are everywhere! And it seems that at least one or two at a time are always highly popular.

A few years back I remember the "Tap light" They were just going mad with this thing! Then before long, I started seeing commercials for the "touch light" then the "Insta Light' and on and on.,.but they were the SAME thing! Probably the only thing changed was the color, or the measurements! Whatever happened to patents???

Now it's "Pasta Express". For the last few months "Pasta Express" has dominated television commercials.

Until today. Because today I saw one for "Pasta Pronta". Dang! It sure looked the same to me! Whatever happened to patents?

Then I looked closely. Oh!! It wasn't as tall as pasta express. The dimensions were wider.
OH! Now I get it! If you make an invention,(and are happily making money at it. Then I get jealous, and begin to lust after that money, and I can turn around and make a SIMILAR invention, BUT there is a small difference in my invention, (as for example, color or dimension,) well, then, now the new invention I can claim as ORIGINAL and not a copy because I had a new IDEA!! Genuius! Brilliant! Just like Wile Coyote " Gad! I'm SUCH a genius!" Eh?

And if you take me to court for ripping off your invention, I will fight tooth and nail with my high priced lawyer to prove that I was surely NOT copying you, because I had an "original" idea with my "improvements." It's good ol' fashioned freedom of enterprise, isn't it?

What do you guys think? Have I nailed it, or have I missed something here? Am I imagining all this, or is there another explanation for the "copy" phenomenon? And does this also apply to the invention of MAGIC effects? Hmmmmmmm.

Well, I gotta go, my pasta is almost done cooking in my Pasta Express.