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Topic: After my mamma?
Message: Posted by: nairbles (Jun 5, 2006 03:20AM)
What do you guys do after red hot mamma? switch decks? just take the one card out and pretend like it never existed? any specific trick that works well right after it?

I love this effect
Message: Posted by: Hushai (Jun 6, 2006 12:49AM)
Isn't Red Hot Mama also called "The Chicago Opener" because it doesn't REQUIRE any cleaning up of the deck afterwards? That is, it can be the opening item in a routine, because the deck is a perfectly normal 52-card deck after the trick is over. The odd-backed card is separated from the rest of the deck -- it can be given to the spectator if the magician wants to -- and you can go on from there. The duplicate of the odd-backed card is still there in the deck, but if anyone asks about it later in the routine, you can do what Bob Longe suggests and say "Oh, that was a DIFFERENT 10 of clubs" (or whatever the card is).
Message: Posted by: JackScratch (Jun 6, 2006 08:40AM)
In otherwords, yeah, take the card out. I love this effect as well, but had to quit doing it. No time for setup while doing walkaround. I actualy used to close with this effect, I wouldn't finish it, I would just say my parting words and walk away, leaving the stranger card lying face down, having not shown it. They would eventualy get curious and look. I could always hear the reactions from across the room.
Message: Posted by: nairbles (Jun 6, 2006 12:48PM)
That's a great idea... I'm really fond of the whole "i think I messed up" tricks anyway...