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Topic: New Bar Bets
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Jun 5, 2006 03:36PM)
Here are a whole bunch of new (and old) bar bets that you can use to dupe your friends.

Message: Posted by: Bruce Sinclair (Aug 12, 2006 08:18PM)
I have posted an original bar bet as it's own topic. It is Bounce/No Bounce Betcha!. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Message: Posted by: Hansen (Aug 19, 2006 05:34PM)
Thanks for the link. Some great stuff in there! The only thing more satisfying than duping friends is duping drunk friends.
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Aug 20, 2006 08:04PM)
I like the "I've got $20 that says,..." one.

Makes a nice routine.

I've twenty dollars that says I can tell what card your thinking of.
Message: Posted by: VeritasNoir (Sep 28, 2006 09:14PM)
Thanks for the link. I especially like the scotch and water switch.
Message: Posted by: alanm99 (Sep 29, 2006 02:27PM)

Some really good ones in that link.

Its time to use one of them this eve.
Message: Posted by: usg353d (Dec 19, 2006 11:13AM)
Thank you for sharing the link!
Message: Posted by: Mark Fifield (Mar 23, 2007 02:40PM)
Good link thanks
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Mar 26, 2007 06:06PM)
You might like this ebook as well:

27 effects! All designed to win you free drinks, cash money and the respect and admiration of people everywhere.

You can find it wherever I Love You Period is sold.
Message: Posted by: Amade3us (Apr 2, 2007 11:26PM)
Great link, bitterman. I'm sure your new ebook is worth whatever your charging strictly for your wit. :-P

Message: Posted by: David O (Apr 4, 2007 10:36AM)
Good link. That was entertaining to read.
Message: Posted by: John Smetana (Apr 17, 2007 02:32PM)
I recently added Bittermans' Bar Bets book to my e library along with a few others.. All good works and more than worth the small price asked.

All the best,
Message: Posted by: Roy J Hopwood (Jul 15, 2007 10:23AM)
Try and get hold of the Paul Zenon Book "100 ways to win a tenner" it is a great book of Scams, Cons, Games you can't lose!
Message: Posted by: fishwasher (Jul 20, 2007 01:41PM)
Thanks Bitterman! :)
Message: Posted by: Traveler (Jul 30, 2007 02:55PM)
Is the content of Zenon's American version different from the British one ?
Message: Posted by: KidMagic (Jan 9, 2008 04:56PM)
Thanks for the link.