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Topic: Circus Wagon Question
Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Jun 6, 2006 06:18PM)
I purchased a circus wagon form a very reputable dealer. On the model that I have (which looks exactly like every other one) you have to manually pull up on the pin that is holding the b**** a** w*** in place. I see others advertised where you put a inflated balloon into it and at your command the balloon pops and the rabbit appears. What modifications do I need to make to mine to be able to do that? Does anyone have one that uses the balloon who could help me out? Thanks for all of your time and help.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Dr. Solar (Jun 8, 2006 03:26PM)
All models have some sort of pin so as to hold the fl** up. open the front door, place a balloon into the cage, disingage the pin, the ballon takes over to hold the fl** up. Pop the balloon, poof...a live critter. That is as automatic as they come.

Dr. Solar
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jun 8, 2006 04:36PM)
Dr. Solar is correct, I believe. You just have to insert the inflated balloon , disengage the pull pin, then pop the balloon.

I never did like to use the balloon because I think it is too startling for the bunny. Dwarf bunnies are nerveous critters by nature. They can have heart attacks if they become too frightnened. It must be hard on their hearing also. I don't put anyone down for doing the balloon method, but I am just stating the reasons why I don't.

Message: Posted by: Dr. Solar (Jun 8, 2006 05:33PM)
That is kind to the rabbit which we all need to be. I'm going to make aversion in which I can place my own head to see. My sense is that the noise is all exiting frontward thus outward as the bunny is behind the barrier. Fabric would by all means be a different story and the animal would get a somewhat full blast.How about a transformation to a different color balloon and then remove the balloon and pop it with a balloon to dove effect?

Dr. Solar