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Topic: Single card DVD buying advice?
Message: Posted by: bugjack (Jun 7, 2006 01:01PM)
Okay, sorry to post something here on a subject that has been rehashed so many times. I've read the various threads on this forum and the different card forums but would like some succinct advice based on the below criteria.

I'm looking for a single-disk card DVD to catch me up on basic and intermediate skills. I can do various card controls (overhand, hindu, etc.) and forces fairly well as well as double lifts, etc. I'm looking for a good disk that runs through that material but also acts as a beginner's disk for stuff I don't do as well -- passes, changes, etc. These can be taught individually or in the context of routines, but I'm looking for something that really does spend some time on the teaching, doesn't rush through it, and with a teacher who anticipates some problems you might have with moves and can offer good advice.

I'm not into buying a huge multi-disc set, and as I've already run through the print version of "Royal Road," am less interested in those DVDs. And, perhaps most importantly, I'd like this all to be presented by someone who is a good, entertaining (without venturing into bad Sankey type comedy) teacher.

I had been thinking about picking up Daryl's Ambitious Card routine for this or one of the Michael Ammar disks. The Born to Perform/Oz Pearlman disk actually sounds like it has the right balance of moves and routines, although I know Pearlman is a debated topic on these boards. Anybody have any other recommendations for me?

Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Jun 7, 2006 03:04PM)
Richard Kaufman has a 2 DVD instructional series (one deals with the pass and the other with basic card skills) if you are interested. Just google his name to find some links. Good luck!

Message: Posted by: CasualSoul (Jun 7, 2006 08:05PM)
I also own the Royal Road to Card magic book and feel the same way about buying the 5 dvd set. Even though I think Royal Road is great, I've gotten my hardest hitting stuff out of my Ellusionist videos.

It's easy to get slammed for mentioning Ellusionist.com around here, but I found their card dvd's to be really good. Brad is a fantastic teacher. With your familiarity with Royal Road, you should already know most of what's on Crash 1 and 2, but it sounds like Ninja 1 & 2 may be what you're looking for. They really are great. Not that I'm a huge card guy, but out of all the card stuff I do know, the Vegas Card Cheat Routine is still my favorite and sometimes the only card routine I ever do.
Message: Posted by: Jeremy L. (Jun 7, 2006 11:02PM)
Although I don't own Born to Perform the contents doesn't impress me. Daryl's DVD is not bad, not only will you learn the Ambitious Card but a lot of card controls. Michael Ammar's DVDs are good. It's possibly to fit all beginner (much less intermediate) card magic on a DVD set much less a single DVD a book maybe but even then... (that also depends on your definition of beginner and intermediate)