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Topic: Source For Spoons and Forks in Bulk
Message: Posted by: lmrmagic (Dec 10, 2002 09:23AM)
I just wanted to pass on a tip on to those who do metal bending. I have been ordering forks in bulk from a restaurant supply website. http://www.bigtray.com. They sell forks for $3.44 per dozen.
Message: Posted by: HiveMind (Dec 10, 2002 02:53PM)
Thanks for the tip!
Message: Posted by: Brent Allan (Dec 10, 2002 03:04PM)
That bit of info is probably one of the best I have gotten form this board in awhile!!

I just finished buying a set of 24 pieces (although only 20 are usable, because it is harder to bend knives) for $8. This little tidbit will save me a ton! :babyface:
Message: Posted by: David Fletcher (Dec 10, 2002 05:03PM)
Check with restaurant supply houses in your area. I live in the New York City area and sometimes I'll go to the many places on the bowery. Otherwise I go to a place in New Rochelle. Your yellow pages>restaurant supplies.
Message: Posted by: saglaser (Dec 10, 2002 10:20PM)
David is right. I live in a midsize town in central Illinois, and there are some good buys on forks and spoons by the dozen. Those BigTray prices are lower, but then, I don't pay any shipping charges and I get them right away. It's certainly better than buying sets at discount houses where you get a lot of unusable pieces, the the prices are lower, too.
Message: Posted by: London (Dec 13, 2002 09:04AM)
I live near a big in door "flea market" and I can find them for about a dollar a dozen.