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Topic: Problem with watch trick
Message: Posted by: Jeff Jenson (Jun 8, 2006 10:44PM)
I'm planning on an effect where I get someone to loan me their watch, in the procosses I have to destroy a dup. watch, but how do I get someones watch to match the dup. watch that I have prepared. I mean what if I have a sivler watch ready for the effect but the only watch I can find is gold or a sivler watch with a blue face and the one I have is a silver face or even if the only watch I can get is a watch with a silver face but a black leather band or something like that?
I kinda came up with a solution but I want to get some opions first. I was thinking of instead of put the watch in a cloth bag and hitting on the table or banging a hammer on it, I was thinking of setting the watch on fire so that way the watch is uncomparable.
If you have any better ideas please do tell.
Second of all how would you get someone to loan you their watch in the first place?
I have an idea from Tony Marks Art of Deception book but I just have some concerns that I would like to work out first before I perform this effect.