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Topic: Ending a routine
Message: Posted by: magic_man204 (Jun 9, 2006 01:19PM)
Hi everyone I did a search on this but couldn't find anything. I was just woundering if there was any good ways of ending a dove routine other than a dissapearing dove cage. thanks guys.

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 9, 2006 03:30PM)
How about an appearing cage, vanishing carousel, doves to rabbit, or dove to silk (tail vanish)to name a few.
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Jun 9, 2006 08:07PM)
I'd think outside the box with the Vanishing Dove Cage idea... Not to dissuade you from doing it, but consider that everyone is ending with that! Why not created something that fits you and sets you apart from all the Channing-Clones...
Message: Posted by: magic_man204 (Jun 9, 2006 10:31PM)
Ya I have a couple ideas I think I'm gonna go with on the vanishing cage . it still uses a vanishing birdcage but it adds an extra effect so yu never even think vanishing dove cage. anyway I don't think everyone is a channing clone I just think that the vanishing bird cage is a very popular closer. anyway I am on a very tight budget beeing in my teens and am looking for a good but fairly inexpensive vanishing birdcage.
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Jun 9, 2006 10:45PM)
I don't work with doves but it does seem like almost everybody does the cage at the end. Do you work alone or with an assistant? If with an assistant why not just have them carry them off stage. Kind of plane but not to many do it. I think we get hung up on the "if we produce it then we have to vanish it". I don't agree with that thought. Again like I said I don't work with doves. Would be nice to see something else done with them. If you see a magician perform and the cage is on stage then you know what he or she is going to do with it. Just my thoughts.

Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Jun 9, 2006 11:31PM)
Well, if you insist on an inexspensive Vanishing Bird Cage (much like a Neilson or Proline model) why not build a simple vanishing cage like the one in Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. Not to tip any methods or anything, basically your assistant tips the tray that the cage lays on as you walk to the front of the stage with the cage under a foulard... toss the foulard and viola! it's vaninshed. I'm sure you can see where I've headed with this as far as the method... Otherwise PM me...

Message: Posted by: abbascup (Jun 10, 2006 08:00AM)
I too was looking for an ending to the opening minutes of illusions to music. Many on the Café reccommended the Doves to Rabbit by Chalet Magic. I have one on order and hope to receive it in the near future. George is very busy and has a builder working for him. George is putting the finishing touches on his illusions.
Message: Posted by: magic_man204 (Jun 10, 2006 09:48AM)
Ya I thought about doing that bryan but I don't work with an assistant and I need the other style to do what I want. but are there any cages for lets say under 800 dollars?
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Jun 10, 2006 04:46PM)
I'm sure you can find one n eBay from time to time that may need repair... Other than that, I'm not sure...
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 10, 2006 06:36PM)
Magic_man, if you're going to do the vanishing bird cage, cheap isn't the way to go. You need to save the money and buy a good one unless you are very handy. Then you can do what Bryan suggests and get one that needs repair. You don't want to jeopardize the birds in any way. Buying good quality is expensive but it is the way to go.
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Jun 10, 2006 11:11PM)
Good call David!
Message: Posted by: magic_man204 (Jun 11, 2006 01:10AM)
Ya I figured that I guess I will just suck it up and save for a proline or something. I would never dream o putting my birds in jeopardy. thanks guys!
Message: Posted by: cardcaptor (Jun 11, 2006 07:39AM)
Vanish the doves using a vanishing dove cage but before you do that get one then after you vanish the other doves turn the one that you pick into a duck. this is just my idea..

Message: Posted by: kregg (Jun 11, 2006 09:52AM)
What is the theme of your act?
Message: Posted by: magic_man204 (Jun 11, 2006 12:31PM)
Well kreg. I'm still working on the theme and such. the routine will involve card manip. candle manip. a little silk work, a little dancing cane then vanish the cane. that's not in order or in the extent but it is just what the routine will include. it's not even close to beeing done yet so it will probably change a lot from now to the time it is done.

Oh! I forgot doves.