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Topic: Seeking research assistance
Message: Posted by: Dave Dorsett (Jun 15, 2006 10:44AM)
I am currently doing research which I hope will lead to a book on one of magic's unsung builders / engineers. To that end, I'm looking for a couple of people who might be interested in helping in the areas where this person lived. One is Philadelphia, PA and the other is New York (although I don't know just yet what portion- possibly the Harlem area.)

All costs will be re-imbursed (copying, minor travel- gas, that sort of thing) and, if all works out, of course, acknowledgement in the publication. If a book doesn't pan out, certainly a magazine article and copies of research materials will be shared with assistants.

Interested parties please e-mail me directly at dwsys@macomb.com

Administrator- This will be posted at multiple sites in the hope of finding someone interested. Please move or remove as you deem necessary.

Dave Dorsett
Douglas~Wayne Illusioneering
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jun 17, 2006 09:50PM)

In NYC there are some really good research guys. One of the younger ones is Jim Maloney. He is a café member. Say hi to him and see if he can spare some time to help or suggest sources. The older NYC group members may also be able to help.

The Genii BBS is also a good place to ask. Recently a new SAM member joined in as local historian. A real historian too. Perhaps Tom Klem might be of some help.

Best to you,

Message: Posted by: Dave Dorsett (Jun 19, 2006 09:02AM)
Thanks for the suggestion, Jonathan. Actually, Jim got in touch with me within the first hour of posting and graciously offered his services. As soon as I have a chance to talk with Larry Weeks and get some ore documents out of Philly, I'll have more for the New York guys to work with.

Still need some help in Philly if possible... any takers?