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Topic: Need advice on difficult gig
Message: Posted by: Adam V (Dec 11, 2002 05:43PM)
Hi all,

I've been asked to do a 20 spot during a boxing tournament in March next year. However, they want me to perform in the ring itself with people on all four sides. I'm not too fussed about people seeing what I'm doing, more about the fact that people won't be able to see me at all.

Has anybody ever worked a situation like this before? Do you just focus on one side, do you turn around all the time? Same trick four times? Help!

Adam V
Message: Posted by: rkrahlmann (Dec 17, 2002 12:54PM)
I encountered this problem when I used to do street performing. You have to perform tricks that can be performed surrounded, obviously, and with a big visual impact.
To keep the crowd entertained and involved, you just need to keep your focus moving. Show everything to all sides, and try to do the finish of the trick up instead of out, if you get my meaning. Hold things high, instead of in front of you.
Also, you need to have patter to hold everyone's attention. That way people who can't see things for a moment (remember, you should always be moving) will understand what is going on.
If you can, start off with a fire-effect. Boxing crowds like bright shiny things.
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 18, 2002 08:48PM)
I agree with rk. Keep moving and look for stuff to do surrounded and that's flashy and faced paced, like such things as

Zig Zag
Dancing cane
Some dove work
Fire magic

In fact, any illusion or parlour magic that can be done surrounded and spun around so that everyone "gets a piece" or glimpse of the illusion may work well.

You better also take in consideration the floor of the ring, it will most likely be a little springy.

Message: Posted by: DA (Dec 24, 2002 02:56PM)
Do a straight jacket escape. Roll around make it dramatic.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 24, 2002 11:20PM)
My friend Jon Ross got a call to do an illusion for WWF. He made a wrestler appear in a fire cage.
Message: Posted by: rkrahlmann (Jan 4, 2003 03:34PM)
After thinking about it, I want to modify my previous post. Patter should be the least important aspect of this show. No one will listen. When I used to perform on the street for movie lines, people standing around for 40 minutes were happy to have something entertaining, and were eager to pay attention. A boxing crowd is not going to be sitting and waiting on your every word. Keep the talking to a minimum--use music instead.
Message: Posted by: Timothy (Jan 6, 2003 07:57PM)
On 2002-12-24 15:56, DA wrote:
Do a straight jacket escape. Roll around make it dramatic.

Instead of patter, make it a comedy by adding some "Benny Hill" music to the straight jacket escape! Man, rolling around trying to get out of a straight jacket with Yakety Sax in the background...it's just funny to me :rotf: