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Topic: The Four Elements.
Message: Posted by: magiker (Dec 12, 2002 05:16PM)
Hi gang

I´m working on a routine at the moment re the above.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas on using the Earth Element.

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Message: Posted by: petethecreeper (Dec 12, 2002 11:46PM)
In Eugene Burger's book, Strange Ceremonies, there is a close-up routine that involves the transformation of crystals and stones (an effect developed by Jay Inglee).

Check out Eugene's web site.

Message: Posted by: niva (Dec 13, 2002 02:47PM)
And what could be performed for the air element?
Message: Posted by: magiker (Dec 13, 2002 03:01PM)

A levitation or floating something :bat:
Message: Posted by: niva (Dec 13, 2002 03:25PM)
Yes. It was so obvious!!
Stupid me. :crazydude:
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Dec 13, 2002 03:45PM)
Do you want to have a separate effect for each element, or do you want to have the elements involved in each effect?

For example, I have one routine during which the guest chooses one of the elements - along with a tarot card - I give a reading, then strange things happen regarding the chosen element.

I also routinely do effects that require a representation of each of the elements for the effect to take place.

For further ideas on effects based on the elements you might want to check out
[outdated link]

Message: Posted by: niva (Dec 14, 2002 01:45AM)
Hi ptbeast,
I went to that site, but is that Daemon Dirt safe?
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Dec 14, 2002 12:30PM)
I have used Kymystical products, and have found them to be of reliable and effective, but I have never actually used Daemon Dirt. Knowing their products and reputation I would assume it is safe, but...
Anyone else used it?
Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Dec 14, 2002 01:01PM)
In various mystical traditions, the four elements symbolise stages of the soul as it evolves, and transforms.

How about a single object, eg a cup of water, transforming into a block of ice, then the ice into fire, and the fire into the steam? This order's all wrong from a traditional point of view, but it seems more magical to me.


Caleb Strange.
Message: Posted by: Mina (Jan 9, 2003 02:24PM)
Hello Jello
Here is something to think about as well.
In some magical beliefs there are more than the four elements most people know..EARTH AIR WATER and FIRE. There is also a fifth.That element being the Spirit.


How about a single object, eg a cup of water, transforming into a block of ice, then the ice into fire, and the fire into the steam? This order's all wrong from a traditional point of view, but it seems more magical to me.


Caleb Strange.

The spirit is often symbolized by smoke or could be steam....like mentioned in the above routine idea.
Hope this helps.

See you around the Café
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Jan 9, 2003 03:01PM)
While on the subject, I thought that I would add another question. What are good items to use to symbolize the elements? One that I have used is small earthenware bowls that actually contain some dirt, water, nothing (air) and a floating candle for fire.

Other ideas?

Message: Posted by: limhanchung (Jan 10, 2003 09:18AM)
what audience is this routine for?
Message: Posted by: Wil Castor (Jan 10, 2003 12:47PM)
Look into alter equipment used for ritual elemental magik. Air is often symbolised with either a wand or a feather... Water by a chalice or ornate goblet... Earth by a pentacle, athame, seasalt or sword... Fire by candel, smudge stick, inscence, or sword.
For more info on this I suggest Bucklands Complete Guide To Witchcraft as it is laid out for beginners, but is a great reference piece for things like this.

As for effects involving earth, maybe a penetration through stone similar to the matchbox penetration. Or maybe "new age spellbound" by Diamond Jim, like the good ol' spellbound but with a stone that turns from black to clear and back...

When you get the routine down let us hear it. Im curious as to what you will come up with.
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Jan 10, 2003 01:48PM)
Sorry to be throwing out so many questions, but the posts here have got me thinking about so many things....

I talked above about symbols that I have used to represent the elements. Each is contained in a small earthenware bowl. For fire, rather than a floating candle I would like it to appear that the bowl is full of fire. Does anyone know of a substance that I could use that would be safe, burn cool enough that the bowl would not become to hot to handle, and would make a nice flame? I am thinking ideally it would be a gel type substance. Sterno burns too hot. Other ideas?

Thanks again,

Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Jan 10, 2003 02:05PM)
I will post an effect for you all which uses the four elements that I use in the "Inner Thoughts" section to avoid the merely curious.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: thiago (Jan 10, 2003 05:06PM)
Theres a psychic I saw once changing leaves into crystals, maybe this is good for the earth effect.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Jan 11, 2003 10:23PM)
Daemon Dirt uses two chemicals that are reasonably safe. Unfortunately it is not totally reliable.

Brother Shadow called it "Pazuzu" and attempted it for several years in succession at Tony Andruzzi's [i]Invocational[/i]. It never did work. In fact, Carl still refers to effects that fail as having "Pazuzued."