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Topic: Schoolcraft difference?
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jul 14, 2006 02:01PM)
Can someone please tell me the difference between the Expanded Shell set Jamie sells, to the Dean Dill Expanded Shell set he sells. There is quite a difference in price, and I was wondering what major difference makes it warrant the difference

Message: Posted by: Aaron Moring (Jul 14, 2006 02:20PM)
The Dean Dill sets are non-expanded. Each of the inserts are turned down (so they are perfectly circular) and remilled so that they are all the same size (no minor variances as in regular coinage).
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jul 14, 2006 02:25PM)
So none of the four are normal sized dollars? Can the shell fit over any of the coins in the Deans set?
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (Jul 14, 2006 02:28PM)
I don't own a set but I know someone who does. the shell covers almost all the nested coin. and the website says they are remilled. I own the lassen expanded shell and didn't see much difference but maybe that's just me. for what it's worth the lassen shell is real nice. even when it upside down with a coin in it... hope that makes sense.
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (Jul 14, 2006 02:29PM)
Huh, I never noticed the dean set was not expanded. good thing I didn't try jamming my regular morgans in there.
Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Jul 14, 2006 02:42PM)
The difference is this.

The Deans Set shell is only slightly expanded, this is to cut down on distortion.

Additionally the shell is remilled to make for easier edge gripping or palming/purse palming.

The shell fits over perfectly remilled coins... Because every coin is remilled they
are all the exact same size and make a perfect fit it the shell.

If you look as a nested shell from the side you cannot even tell it is a shell nested on a coin it looks as though it is a single coin.

And if you are looking at a tabled coin and a tabled shell it would be very difficult tell the difference.

The only down fall is the set will only work with cut down coins, so if you loose a coin you need to get another made. I say it is worth the trade off.

Great set and worth the extra money.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 17, 2006 05:42PM)
Why don't you as the suppliers???? http://www.deandill.com and email him. Don't take someone else's word for it.
Message: Posted by: GWSchott (Aug 27, 2006 05:47PM)
Anyone know the turnaround for schoolcraft coins that aren't custom made?
Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Aug 27, 2006 06:16PM)
Everything is basicly custom... I would assume he has little in stock...

Give him a call... Or e-mail him.

Last time I spoke with him he quoted 3 weeks...

Message: Posted by: magicforu (Aug 29, 2006 01:14AM)
I just received coins from Jamie, he never disappointed me.