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Topic: Pet Peeves
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jul 26, 2006 09:49PM)
There are things magicians do that drive me bats. Sometimes, I think we blind ourselves to what we are doing. These are in no particular order, by the way.

1) Dove workers who spin around to steal a line. Once in a show is okay, but seven or eight times? No way!

2) Any performer who wears a painted-on smile for the duration of the show, showing no emotion. Sometimes, I think it's a sign of being terrified.

3) People who knock off the props for other people's products, then go into a magic shop or members of the forum how to make it work.

4) People who think that just because they are now a member of IBM, SAM, the Magic Circle or some other magic club, they are entitled to free and open access to ALL magic secrets. That's not the case at all. They are obligated to keep all the secrets they know.

5) People who don't read the instructions.

6) People who make earth-shattering discoveries without even realizing what has gone before, and fail to research them.

7) People who refer to a piece of cloth as a silk, a piece of paper as a billet, a ball as a Zombie, or a box and a tube as a square circle, when addressing an audience of lay people.

More to come.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Aug 20, 2006 01:52AM)
One of my big pet peeves is inappropriate material.

Here's a listing from eBay.

Professional magic at its best

BRASSIERE TRICK (THREE CUP) Performer has a girl step forward, then shows two fancy handkerchiefs and ties them together at the top corners. He has the girl hold them between her cupped hands against her chest. The performer takes hold of the lower hanging corners and states that he will pull the tied handkerchiefs through the girl's body. As he counts one, two, two and a half, three, he pulls the handkerchiefs. Instead of the silks going through the girl's body you now have a brassier tied between them. The girl's face will be red.

One of the best comedy items on the market it is a proven success.

Made with an extra cup for an additional comedy effect.

What a load of horsepuckey! Professional magic at its best? Really?

Note that the description uses the word "girl." Is this supposed to be a teenager? I can just see this, some old wrinkled fellow up on a stage at a school show, doing this trick, because he believed that the fellow who wrote the ad was telling the truth. This would get you banned from every school in your area. And if you do it in the wrong setting, you could be sued. It would be sexual harrassment.

He also does not know how to spell brassiere consistently.

There are lots of other comedy tricks that are funnier than this one.

He does tell the truth in the last line of the ad --


This effect is a reputation builder!


The kind of reputation we all want, I'm sure.