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Topic: Best Adhesive for Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel?
Message: Posted by: sdmagic (Jul 30, 2006 01:00PM)
Hi -

I purchased Sankey's 3 Ring Circus about 1 year ago. Now I'm modifying some stainless steel key rings, and I'm having trouble finding a suitable adhesive to stick the components of the gimmicked ring together. I've tried Superglue (a few types) and it keeps separating....

What adhesive should I use?? Thanks for your help!!

Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Jul 30, 2006 11:49PM)
JB Weld???

Message: Posted by: Leland Stone (Aug 4, 2006 01:44PM)
Hiya, SD:

Part of the problem is the low surface area to adhesive ratio -- there just isn't a lot for the glue to grab onto in order to bond. If you can increase the size of the bonding area, you may be able to achieve a successful glue joint.

Alternatively, if all of the components are stainless steel, you might want to solder them together instead. Solder, like cyanoacrylate adhesives, is not by itself a strong structural component, but in a tightly fitted joint with sufficient surface area it will produce a long-lasting repair. Small pieces may be satisfactorily joined with an electric soldering iron, silver solder, and silver solder flux -- all available at Home Depot or Ace Hardware.

Best of luck,
Message: Posted by: sdmagic (Aug 5, 2006 12:20AM)
Thanks Bryan and Leland! I think I'm going to find a talented jeweler and ask him/her to solder the thing together. Probably won't cost that much, and hopefully will last a long long time!