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Topic: Coin to chocolate-coin spellbound moves!
Message: Posted by: craig fothers (Jan 20, 2002 03:19PM)
I was at a conference during the weekend, where there were lots of young kids and some young adults too...

When conversation turned to magic, I started doing some tricks for people and their kiddies... but I was kicking myself that I hadn’t brought my sponges... but anyway...

At lunchtime I ended up in a Lollyshop, (hey... it's a healthy alternative to McDonalds!) and I saw and bought some chocolate coins... (you know where this is going...)

I ended up doing coin magic all afternoon... I began modifying my flurries to end in the magical appearance of chocolate money! It’s great because you can multiply your chocolate money...

"grow" it in front of the spectators eyes... you name it. All your normal coin marvels... just with chocolate... :)

As I started doing it, I was actually really suprised by people’s reactions. The fact that I could make chocolate money appear really diverted their minds from the action! No one seemed to be suspicious of my ’other hand’ at all...

I call this powerful misdirection ’the chocolate misdirection’. :)

Anyway... have a go, I hope you have some fun with it.

P.S. Don’t handle the coins for too long, or you won’t end ’clean’. literally.
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Jan 24, 2002 12:39AM)
Terrific Craig!

Sounds like you had a good time!

Michael Ammar does a Paul Harris effect with a chocolate coin on, "Easy To Master Coin Miracles"...

Thought you might be interested!

It's also in Paul's Art Of Astonishment books!

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jan 26, 2002 11:03AM)
I do a fun routine with chocolate coins - the metal cover keeps appearing and disappearing from the chocolate coin, ala spellbound, with the climax of the chocolate coin turning into a handful of m&m's

Message: Posted by: magic_kris (Jan 26, 2002 04:34PM)

Do you preserve the chocolate by coating it with something or just use it really fast?

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jan 26, 2002 06:48PM)
I keep them in the freezer, and take them along with me in a small container with an ice pack - It lasts awhile that way.

Good luck.
Michael Rubinstein
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Feb 10, 2002 01:31AM)
mmm... chocolate!!

Mike, Ill have to try your routine sometime. I WANT CHOCOLATE!!!! :banana:
Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Feb 10, 2002 07:56PM)
Mr. Rubinstein,

Your routine sounds killer--is it available in print? Your recently re-released tapes are years ahead of their time--Will you be publishing or lecturing in the near future? I'd certainly look forward to it.

I do a Matrix effect with chocolate coins at the restaurant, ending with the child winning a coin. This is one item (fake chocolate coins) that could certainly stand to be manufactured, because the give-away can be kept cold and isn't handled much, but the main coins are constantly handled and reused. A set of brown plastic coins, or pseudo foil coins would save wear and tear. For example, the other night I had a kid grab a coin and Mom had to pry it out of his fingers! A plastic coin would handle that sort of abuse a little better.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 12, 2002 08:13PM)
Thanks for your kind words about my tapes. My handling isn't published, but you might want to check out Silver lint from those tapes and apply the concept to this one.