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Topic: Jumbo 1967 English Penny
Message: Posted by: Simon Tan (Aug 4, 2006 05:40PM)
I've been looking everywhere for the jumbo 1967 English penny (the one with Elizabeth II) for one of my routines, but to no avail. Surprisingly, I managed to find all sorts of jumbo coins on most American coins, but none on the 1967 English penny.

Anyone knows where I can get a jumbo coin for the 1967 English penny?

Message: Posted by: mrunge (Aug 4, 2006 07:28PM)
Hi Simon,

I just did a Google search for "jumbo english penny" and got multiple hits. You might do the same, then email the vender's (email address can be found on their web sites) and ask them to check the dates for you. I'm sure they would be glad to check for you.

Good luck. Mark.
Message: Posted by: Simon Tan (Aug 4, 2006 07:41PM)
Hi Mark,

I've done just that prior to posting this thread. Though there are multiple hits on "jumbo english penny", they are only hits on either one or two words of the phrase, and not an exact hit. I had looked through all the sites listed on the first 2 search pages... none that carries jumbo English penny, plentiful on American coins though. :(

Thanks for taking the time to google for me though! :)
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Aug 4, 2006 09:38PM)
Sorry to hear that did not turn up anything for you. Hopefully, someone else on here might be able to better help.

Take care. :)
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Aug 4, 2006 11:31PM)
Me Too!

I have been looking for a jumbo 3" English Penny for a long time, and I've done exhaustive search engine research but to no avail.

Wondering why you want such a coin? the reason I want one is so I can end hopping halves routine with a jumbo copper and silver, instead of an empty hand. Currently I use a jumbo US penny, but I would really like to end up with an english penny so the coins match perfectly.

I suppose Jamie Schoolcraft could make one, but I hate to think what that would cost.
Message: Posted by: Simon Tan (Aug 5, 2006 11:23AM)
Haha, I've been using the US penny as well. The reason for the English penny is for my jumbo C/S coins act, where a normal silver half changes to an English penny and back, and later changes into a jumbo half, which in turns change into a jumbo penny after some jumbo manipulative byplay. The routine ends with the vanish of the English penny.

There's an old routine of Gary Kurtz that I once played around with. It makes use of both jumbo half and English penny as well, I think it's called Copper Silver Continuation, and can be found in his "Let's Get Flurious" video.