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Topic: Fake Cinder Blocks?
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Aug 5, 2006 03:35AM)
Hello to all!

I am working on a special illusion and would like to add cinder blocks to the base; however, I need them to be fake so they are light weight, can conceal the wheels of the base, and be mistaken as real cinder blocks...

Any ideas? I would much rather purchase them pre-made if possible...

-Bryan Gilles
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Aug 5, 2006 06:42AM)
A few pieces of Styrofoam sheet, cut, assembled like a box, and painted with a concrete gray acrylic or flat latex would work and would not be hard to build.

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Aug 5, 2006 04:02PM)
Right on the button. If you want them to look like cinder blocks, find a block you like at Home Depot or a similar place, buy one, and use it as a model.

If you need a really hard surface to protect them, try SculptRCoat (not sure about the spelling here); it's a thin-coat cement-like product especially for this purpose and comes in gallon cans.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Solar (Aug 6, 2006 02:11AM)
All the latest window / door trim on stucco homes is really a styrofoam subform with a binding mesh cement coat. Over that thin coat your could mix a bit stiffer mixture to give it more texture and after all it is cement so your needn't even have to paint it.

Dr. Solar
Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Aug 6, 2006 04:24AM)
Don't know how expensive it would be, but one company is really good when comes to light and good props. They might have cinder block in storage.


Maybe its worth a shot!
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Aug 6, 2006 09:17AM)
Excellent resources and information guys!

Thank you! Once again the Café' proves to be the number one resource for Magician's Helping Magicians!

-Bryan Gilles
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Aug 6, 2006 01:05PM)
Another possibility might be to build a wooden mold and use the spray foam insulation to fill it.

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Aug 6, 2006 03:45PM)
Hi Bryan,

You might also contact your local college "Theater Arts Department" and ask one of the stage builders, or professors, about stage / background construction.

I'm sure they would be glad to help. Even though you might not be a student there, they are always happy to help those in the community. After all, it's your tax dollars at work supporting the university.

They always build the scenery for plays being performed that look great and don't cost a lot of money. From a short distance away, it might be just what you're looking for.

Good luck. Mark.
Message: Posted by: m.ruetz (Aug 8, 2006 11:49AM)
Once you figure out the material to make the fake out of, you may look into some of the spray paint stone finishes which may look nice. The stone finishes come in different colors and have different color variations inside the can for a speckled finish.
Message: Posted by: kaytracy (Aug 8, 2006 02:49PM)
Having made a large Menhir (Standing stone) with Styrofoam and spray paint, other than the idea that a cinder block would be more carving, or cutting and glue up if you do not use foam and a mold, nothing beats foam for fake rock look-a-like!
The fine folks at http://www.smooth-on.com/ can likely give you excellent help and product aid if you want to do the mold and casting route. Just remember solvent based spray paint will nibble and melt the foams (great for a granite Menhir) so be sure to use a water based primer coat for a more smooth or concrete look.
Message: Posted by: AmazingEARL (Aug 10, 2006 10:39AM)
I second the motion on Smooth-On products.

A few years ago I needed a number of rigid foam bricks for a gag. A silicone mold was made from a real brick and filled with their foamed polyurethane resin casting material. They look great, weigh about 2 ounces and the texture due to the detail of the mold is indistinguishable from a real brick.

Cinderblock = same process, bigger mold
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Aug 10, 2006 06:58PM)
Any idea of pricing for "Smooth-On Products" I just sent them an email and sitting patiently to hear back from them...

Message: Posted by: AmazingEARL (Aug 10, 2006 07:06PM)
Smooth-On has an on-line store... http://www.smoothon.com/order_online_matrix.htm

Prices are listed. I'd suggest "OOMOO 30" for the Silicone mold (A "Pint Kit" contains a quart of material) and "Foam-IT!" Polyurethane foam to cast it.

Probably set you back fifty bucks plus shipping.

Read the instructions carefully...and good luck!

Message: Posted by: cardsharpist (Aug 14, 2006 04:54PM)
You can cut the foam with a hotwire cutter, also be sure to use Krylon H20 paint or Testers. Both of the those brand of paints will not melt the foam.