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Topic: ON VACATION (from writing) until Sep. 01...................Here's my magical week in the meantime..
Message: Posted by: Jamie D. Grant (Aug 12, 2006 01:00AM)
Hi All,

Just for kicks, I thought I'd give you a look into a week of my Magical Life:

[b]1)[/b] Took a look at my website to see if anything needs changing (lots!).
[b]2)[/b] Received Penn & Teller's How to Play With your Food (bought it on a whim.)
[b]3)[/b] Met up with the V7 and went over some ideas (I've got both good and bad ones!)
[b]4)[/b] Waited anxiously by my door for my 'Zibit.
[b]5)[/b] Practiced various card sleights to desperately catch up with Shaunus who's a genius.
[b]6)[/b] Finally got a chance to talk with Sean Fields (A super nice guy!)
[b]7)[/b] Sent Shawn Farquhar a congratulatory e-mail for his FISM placings (Awesome job!)
[b]8)[/b] Went over to Tony's Magic on Vancouver Island (ended up buying Billy McComb's Gypsy Thread and 2 18" red silks)
[b]9)[/b] Read a couple chapters of The Illustrated History of Magic by Milbourne Christopher.
[b]10)[/b] Sent and replied to 12 PM's here on the Café regarding various topics.
[b]11)[/b] Talked to designer twice regarding Fall Advertising.
[b]12)[/b] Spent approx. 2 hours a night here on the Café going over every topic possible and looking/researching potential Magic Friday Effects.
[b]13)[/b] Placed 2 orders from online magic shops totalling $73.89.
[b]14)[/b] Reviewed Magic Friday List and practiced 1-2 hours a night (sometimes while reading the Café) of future effects.
[b]15)[/b] Watched various parts of Richard Osterlind's MM #3 and Bill Malone's On The Loose #2.
[b]16)[/b] I've been writing, rewriting, and rewriting, my new 45 min. stage show while at work. I've got a test run on Sep.30 so this is top priority (I'm accepting all illusion donations and stage advice at this point :) ).
[b]17)[/b] I seem to perform 3-5 magic tricks a day (outside of Magic Friday) on a daily basis. The Ring Thing seems to have become my favourite impromtu effect with a ring appearance that (I think) I created.
[b]18)[/b] Talked to the printer for advertising quote.
[b]19)[/b] Worked a 40 hour week at my regular gig (I'm only on vacation from writing even though I seem to be, well, writing, lol, and spent some quality time with my wonderful wife.
[b]20)[/b] Read the latest MAGIC magazine
[b]21)[/b] A whole bunch of other stuff that I'm sure I'm forgetting.
[b]22)[/b] Whew!


Jamie D. Grant