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Topic: Electronic help required..
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Aug 15, 2006 07:56AM)
This won't be of any interest to you unless you are into building electronic based props....

What is the most convenient way of transmitting the value of a playing card electronically? I'm planning to build a PIC based device which will deliver any playing card on demand, and need to transmit the value and suit of the card. I've built something similar in the past using a simple two channel transmitter working on an up-down principle for the value depending on which button was pressed, then after a few second pause, something similar for the suit. Unfortunately, this requires a display on the back of the receiver so that I know what value the device has received. - Obviously controlling the display requires a fair bit of work which is unnecessary, if I KNOW that the unit has reliably received the data for the correct card.

I have also used a 12 channel transmitter to do much the same thing, but this was a rather cheap unit, difficult to adapt, and isn't 100% reliable. Also, it can't transmit more than one channel at a time.

Ideally, I need a good 17 channel transmitter/receiver, then I could send the value (1 to 13) and the suit. (Preferably at the same time.) - anyone any thoughts?

Alternatively, should I be looking at an RS232 based unit? (I realise that the programming is going to be more of a problem, but I'm up to it!)- But does anyone know of an RS232 based transmitter/receiver that I can interface with a couple of PIC's?
Message: Posted by: kerpa (Aug 18, 2006 11:23AM)
Well, I can't help but putting in a long shot idea based on my other hobby - amateur radio. If you can transmit to a receiver that can convert the received signal into a soft tap of short and long duration that can be felt, then you are in business for transmitting Morse code signals, which transmit very rapidly and efficiently. Of course, you have to learn Morse code! PM me and I can fill you in on how to do so quickly and accurately.
I am assuming your need is for transmission between two individuals.
If your need is for transmission from the card itself, then you are talking RFID, I think - which of course is on the market (for way too much money, I would think).
Just a thought.
kerpa a/k/a Mike Miller
a/k/a KG9ML (my amateur radio call sign)
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Message: Posted by: cardsharpist (Aug 19, 2006 09:40AM)
RCGroups.com has a DIY forum. There are several people that that program PIC and PALs and interface them with R/C.
Message: Posted by: bloodyjack (Aug 22, 2006 08:15PM)
If you use a pic on both ends why don't you use serial communication that way you only need 1 channel. Here is an artical to help you.
Message: Posted by: magicjohn2278 (Aug 23, 2006 05:11AM)
Thanks bloodyjack, I'll certainly look into that, I didn't realise that the TX/RX modules were that simple to operate - I had always assumed that the transmitters that you can buy send a coded stream of data to identify themselves to the receiver.