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Topic: Solutions for which there is no problem
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Aug 19, 2006 01:56PM)
Sometimes people who are new to magic or a certain aspect of it will see problems where experienced performers do not. Then they go out of their way to create a solution for the problem, even though it may not exist.

A good example of this is the various and sundry "perfect TT's" that have recently been marketed. These are great if you don't know how to manage a TT, but they are not necessary for the most part.

And there is an inherent flaw in them. Most of them claim to be color matched to your skin.

Hold your hands out in front of you, palm up, and compare their colors. Turn them over and do the same thing. Now turn one palm up and one palm down. See the difference?

Okay. That's test one. Some of these "marvels" have taken the difference I have already pointed out and accommodated for it.

Hold your right hand up in the air and your left hand down at your side. Leave them that way for a couple of minutes. Now hold them in front of you palm up and compare them. Turn them over and compare them. See the difference? The one that has been up in the air will probably be lighter in color than the other one.

Skin color changes according to our emotional state as well. So, are you going to have three different TT's?

Another factor in this situation is the material they are made of. A TT that is great for vanishing a handkerchief may not work well for the bill switch and vice versa.

With correct handling, a TT is never fully seen. Learn how to work with your tools and save money.