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Topic: Video: Magic Castle Future Stars Week 2006
Message: Posted by: Ben Proudfoot (Aug 21, 2006 08:45AM)
Hi everybody,

You may have seen my "New York, New York" video prior to this, and I promised to follow up with a live performance thereof.

The following was taped at The Magic Castle in the first week of August during Future Stars Week where Juniors get to perform at night. I got to be one of 8 lucky Close-Up performers and the Junior Society taped our show. There are a few mishaps in this show but nothing too big.

At the end of the video, you'll notice the video goes black before the end but the audio continues. This is because I was informed that the kicker ending I was using had already been created and it is a signature effect for the originator. Independent invention is always tough when people tell you your new creation is not invention. So, for that reason, I blacked out the end due to the wishes of the originator. It didn't feel right having the video end short so I let the audio play through. I apologize in advance for how poor the lighting is, but when I tried to brighten it up it washed out.

I hope you guys enjoy watching as much as I did performing. Please click the link in my signature titled 'Future Stars 2006' for the video.