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Topic: Personal Menagerie
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Aug 21, 2006 09:38AM)
I know a lot of folks who love animals and use them in their shows tend to have more than just one sort of critter. Right now I am curious exactly how wide that range can go, what sorts of beasts everyone is using in their shows, who has the most unusual creature and just what sort of things people have around their houses.

So here's My (And Sylvers) list...
3 fish tanks, 1 of guppies, 1 lonely goldfish, and a 45 gallon of mixed tropical.
1 Hermit Crab (Named Bigclaw)
1 Peach Egyptian Ringneck Dove (Named Kai)
1 Pied Egyptian Ringneck Dove (Named Trillium)
1 Emperor Scorpion (Named Sanguis Enimus)
1 Guyanan Pink Toed Bird Eating Tarantula (Not as big and scary as she sounds- Named Bella)
1 5' Ball (Royal) Python with skull shaped markings (Cetis)

Of all of these, Cetis is the only one ever used in shows.
All of this in 1 bedroom apartment.
We are hoping to get either a Jungle Carpet Python, Dumerils Boa, some sort of frog or a Blue Tongued Skink next.

Anyone else want to chime in?

Message: Posted by: Astrid (Aug 31, 2006 03:32PM)
Wowzers! I can only hope that one day my menagerie will rock as ritiously as yours!
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Aug 31, 2006 03:38PM)
Ok, here goes:

3 Doves, all named Houdini.
1 White-faced Cockatiel
1 Parakeet
2 Rose-hair Tarantulas (1 is over 12 yrs old, the other around 7)
1 Emperor Scorpion
1 Cornsnake
2 Ball pythons (4.5 ft and 2.5ft)
1 Cat

The doves, the scorpion, the tarantulas, and all the snakes have been in my show or are in the show right now-depends on which show I am booked for.

I also used to have 2 rabbits,but they have since been adopted by a lady who lost her rabbit to cancer.
Message: Posted by: magicleland (Aug 31, 2006 04:02PM)
1 tank of tropical fish

4 doves named Mike, Chirs ,Slvester , Pickles

2 rabbits Cuddles and Chester

2 Cats Lionel and Shir-kahn

1 dwarf Hamster named Larry the Cable Hamster

all except for the fish and Shirkahn are in the show.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 31, 2006 06:25PM)
27 doves (at the moment)
4 rabbits
3 finches
2 cats

and a wife. OOps hope she doesn't read this :lol:
Message: Posted by: Autumn Morning Star (Sep 1, 2006 05:23AM)
I currently have: 4 doves, 4 cornsnakes (all are different colors), and 2 dogs.

The oddest pets I ever had had were: A monkey, an alligator, a raccoon, a possum, an armadillo, and three bear cubs some rich guy bought me for my big illusion show.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Sep 1, 2006 07:12AM)

That was quite a collection. I used to own a huge Mexican Red-Leg Tarantula. We called her Fangora.

Currently, here is my list:

1 Netherland Dwarf Blue-Eyed White Bunny
1 Netherland Dwarf Himalayan Bunny
1 Netherland Dwarf Smoke Pearl Marten Bunny
1 Pomeranian Dog
1 Mixed Cat
1 Beta Fish

Gotta get some doves someday!

Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Sep 1, 2006 07:20AM)
3 Macaws (Hyacinth, GreenWinged, Blue and Gold)
2 Cockatoos (Sulfur Crested & Mollucan)
1 African Grey Parrot
8 Doves
2 Budgies
1 Duck
1 Rabbit

All of them are performers except for my African Grey parrot (Merlin) who prefers to stay at home singing and talking the whole day.

Right now, I normally bring 2 macaws, a cockatoo, a duck and a rabbit in a typical show.

Message: Posted by: WKM (Sep 1, 2006 05:35PM)
I have 9 doves, so a bit pethertic compared to all yours, bit I enjoy spending time with them all the same, I don't think I could cope with anything else! ..... Although I may one day get me a nice giant white wabbit!
Message: Posted by: Daktari (Sep 2, 2006 12:17PM)
My shows are different as I was originally a wildlife Biologist and I perform wildlife shows but here goes;2 frilled dragons, 2 water monitors (the male is massive), 3 spectacled caimans (largest is about 4'), 2 bearded dragons, 7 corn snakes (I love corns, used to have 18 breeders), 3 albino burmese pythons (12', 13' & 17'), 1 granite burmese python(7'), 1 rhinocerous iguana, 2 tangerine honduran milksnakes, 1 pueblan milksnake, 1 jungle carpet python,1 leopard tortoise, 2 silkie chickens, 1 fennec fox (my favorite!a big clown!), 1 serval cat, 3 ferrets, 2 dutch rabbits, 1 eclectu (this is a female and she is a beautiful red head/neck with red highlights over blue feathers), 1 blue crowned conure (bird), 1 emerald toucanet(my newest bird and she is really cool)..... and 2 dogs a black lab and a jack rat. whew! I have had many others over the years but I scaled down a few years ago when I started traveling so much. We eventually plan to build a facility that is open to the public (school and church groups) but that's a few years off.
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Sep 2, 2006 12:29PM)
Wow Daktiri! How much does it cost to keep all those critters fed? I can't imagine how much work that is! Do you keep them in your home or another area? Just curious! You could have a really cool Halloween-type thing at your house!
Message: Posted by: Daktari (Sep 2, 2006 12:58PM)
I have a 2000 sq. ft office/warehouse/facility on some land we own where most of the animals are housed. The only ones that stay at the house full time are the dogs, the birds, and the fennec fox. It costs a pretty good amount to feed them but I get a lot of free food from a pet store who keeps a few of my big reptiles for display purposes. It's funny how everyone thinks it is such an easy job to go and do shows for a living but they're not there for the 4-5 hours daily of feeding, cleaning, training etc. My wife and kids do a lot of the feeding and cleaning.
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Sep 5, 2006 05:35AM)
Ok...Totally Jealous of Daktari...My two animal must haves...And you have them both.
The Caimens and a Fennec Fox. Those have to wait until I have more room to move about, but someday...
Very cool.
Message: Posted by: Sylver Fyre (Sep 8, 2006 10:32PM)
I would love to come visit you Daktari, just to spend time with your animals... Can only imagine the expenses and time spend caring for that many critters!
And oh yes the Fennec Fox will be mine!
It will be our first furry "child" between Gwyd and me. I'm rooting for the blue tongue skink to be our next child. Maybe I'll find one under the Yule tree this year *crosses fingers and toes*
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Sep 9, 2006 09:16AM)
I have one of the rarest animals one a boy animal and one a girl. they are both well one 5 years and one 6. oh wait those kids. I guess you can say they are animals.lol I fish tank.
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Sep 13, 2006 05:42AM)
All I have is two teenaged daughters :)
Message: Posted by: Regan (Sep 13, 2006 05:52AM)

I got one of those too!
Message: Posted by: Jarana (Sep 14, 2006 08:38AM)
4 Humans

3 Doves

2 Rabbits

1 Dog

Message: Posted by: durgy (Sep 14, 2006 12:41PM)
2 doves, 1 brother

Message: Posted by: LarryTaylor (Sep 14, 2006 01:06PM)
We have had several rabbits and they had aged and gone to rabbit heaven, we currently have 11 doves.We are not getting any more rabbits for they break our hearts.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Sep 17, 2006 01:51PM)

I currently have 19 furballs living under my roof and 29 fish. Most of the furballs are mine, while some are being fostered for the Humane Society. Dogs, cats, kittens, bunny, and guinea pig.

Yes! They all get along as it's a peaceable kingdom. :O)

Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Nov 29, 2006 02:47AM)
Okay, I am late in finding this thread but...

I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 Blue Tongued Skink, 1 Tegu, and as of today, a number of stick insects, and -- as of today -- 1 Colombian Red Tailed Boa.

I would like to hear more about how some of you -- especially Daktari -- use your animals in your shows. It is my dream/plan to but together something that is part reptile/creepy critter show, part sideshow, with some magic and maybe a little medicine show thrown in. Exactly how it will come together is still a bit unclear, so any ideas appreciated.

Message: Posted by: Magicdoc88 (Nov 29, 2006 08:19AM)
I have:
7 doves
6 koi fish
2 turtles
2 parakeets
1 dog
Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Nov 29, 2006 09:12AM)
20 Doves
15 Parakeets
2 Blue and gold macaws
1 Military Macaw
1 Rose Breated Cockatoo
2 Swainson Toucans
1 White Tiger
1 Bengal Tiger
1 Black house cat
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Nov 29, 2006 09:36AM)
I really can't compete with that.
Two new additions since I originally started this post.
1 Blue Tongued Skink named Gir.
1 small spotted mouse named Patches.
Not sure what is going to be next...
Anyone know where I can get an Australian Fruit Bat?