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Topic: Feather Flowers
Message: Posted by: MikeDes (Aug 21, 2006 07:12PM)
Hi All,

I built a production tube out of poster board (McBride DVD). One of the items I was going to produce was a small parasol. The parasol, however, is too heavy for the tube. I was thinking of changing this for a five bloom feather bouquet.

My question is would the bouquet be lighter than the parasol? I believe bouquets are made with spring wire.

Any insight would be appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Aug 21, 2006 07:27PM)

One question. Is this the tube that Jeff uses on his Exotic Magic section? If it is the one I am thinking, I made one simular to Jeff's but I used tag material instead of poster and it is very strong. Before I attached the l**d t**e to the back of the tag with reinforced tape, I sprayed adhesive to the front and put a old scroll material with Asian writing. It looks like an old scroll and will take a lot of abuse.

David Williams
Message: Posted by: MikeDes (Aug 21, 2006 07:59PM)
It`s on one of his Stage DVDs. I forget which one. I think he calls the routine Silk Road. He use oak tag as well but I couldn't find any in Montreal.

The problem I'm having is not getting the tube to stay on but when I unroll/unfold the tube to show it empty, the board sort of jerks because of the weight. When I do it with just silks and streamers it works great but the extra weight of the parasol really has a noticeable impact.
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Aug 21, 2006 11:01PM)
I found the tag material at an art supply place. They don't call it oak tag, just tag. It is like poster board, but thicker. If you have a Parent Teacher store in your area or a large art supply chain store. It sounds like the parasol may be pretty heavy. Maybe you could lighten the weight of the parasol or just guide the tube downward with your other hand as it opens. Wished I could be more help.
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Aug 21, 2006 11:26PM)
What kind of parasol are you using Mike?
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Aug 22, 2006 04:17PM)
A bouquet would be lighter than a parasol and you could also add an inner load tube with a rubber band on it to hold the parasol.

I would use a plastic type material like used in file folders. A plastic house should be able to help you find it unless you can find a file folder large enough to tear apart.

Message: Posted by: MikeDes (Aug 22, 2006 06:10PM)
I'm using one of the parasols I got from Magic Hands as part of an appearing parasol from silks set.

I'm not having any trouble finding the parasol or having it move. It is just the weight that gives me a problem. I have tried unrolling the tube faster, slower, guiding it down, etc. but I just don't like the way any of those look and none of them get rid of the problem completly, they just mask it a little.

That's why I thought maybe a flower bouquet would be lighter and still be a nice production (although some of these bouquets are a little tacky looking).

I could put a smaller tube inside the bigger tube to hold the flowers in a closed position and to make sure it doesn't get tangled in the silk streamers as I pull it out.

I just want to make sure that a five bloom bouquet is lighter than a parasol or else I haven't fixed anything.

Thanks for all the input.