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Topic: coin manipulation on stage
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 20, 2002 01:26AM)
Hi guys. Can someone please spare me some of your time by telling me what books or tapes give the best information on how to do coin manipulation on stage. Please supply me with your top 3 books/tapes.

What is the best thing to do in order to get good grip of the coins?
Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Dec 20, 2002 08:02AM)
The best manipulation vids, IMO, are McBrides World Class Manipulation series. They also include billiard balls and thimbles but the coin work rocks.

I don't like books for learning manips so I can't help you there.

For a good grip on the coins be sure you are not using a coin with a smooth edge like old English Pennys. Dry hands helps too.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Dec 20, 2002 08:27PM)
Use shiny coins and, when displaying them, wiggle them a bit to reflect the lights. This will make them significantly more visible to your audience.

You must also think about more than what your hands are doing. Arm and body positions can make a huge difference.

Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Dec 21, 2002 04:10PM)
In "Routined Manipulation Finale" there is the the Fred Kaps Coin and Glass Routine. I have been performing my own version of this for years. McBrides Manipulation series has great stage coin material, easily enough for several acts. I recommend you work with Silver Dollar size coins so the audience can better see your manipulations. Hugard's Coin Magic is a classic but very dated. :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 21, 2002 04:32PM)
Thank you for your time burt.
Merry Christmas.
Dynamikex :bunny:

Thank you very much Sid. How much do I owe you for your advice? Just kidding.

Merry Christmas to all. :bunny:

Thank you very much. I'll start investigating on that today.