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Topic: Best version of Razor Blades and String illusion?
Message: Posted by: shots (Aug 31, 2006 03:28PM)
I'm thinking of getting this version of the Razors and String illusion:


Does anyone have any opinions on this or other versions? I like the modern look of the one above vs. the one with the old wooden stand.

Thanks in advance,
Scott - Magic in the Shadows
Message: Posted by: mOzerian (Aug 31, 2006 07:26PM)
HAHA, these funny stands with blades look rarther silly don't you think. Why don't you just come up with your own way of displaying and presenting the blades, I think the spectators would be more interested in this fantastic looking prob than the sharp blades themselves.....
Message: Posted by: scaress (Aug 31, 2006 09:09PM)
my opinion, that's a big prop you have to pay money for, carry around, and if I were your spectator I'd ask myself "why is he using that?".

simply put, you don't need it.

mOzerian uses an apple (and a pretty girl), I think works much better and less suspicious then any prop.
you should check out his podcast, its pretty cool.

Message: Posted by: akc22 (Aug 31, 2006 09:19PM)
Potassy is a master of this effect, read his book for his excellent (and simple) handling.
Message: Posted by: akc22 (Aug 31, 2006 09:20PM)
Thomas Medina has a nice handling on the Geek Magic video. I would study this before buying an expensive prop to carry around.
Message: Posted by: shots (Aug 31, 2006 09:42PM)
Thanks for the advice folks. Very nice presentation mOzerian!!! I'll have to check out the Geek Magic video--this is about the 5th time I've seen someone recommend it!
Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Sep 1, 2006 06:55AM)
My favorite version is the Dayton Razor Blade Miracle... It is currently out of print, but you might find it somewhere. Or wait a few months and Ron has a new book coming out that will include the razor blade miracle as a bonus.

Lots to set it up, BUT there is no switch, and mouth is empty at beginning and at the end.

My favorite way to display the blades is sticking out of an apple, Freddy Kreuger haloween treat!

I have a version in one of my books based on this idea as well, PM me me and I'll see if I can get you a copy of the routine.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Sep 26, 2006 02:52AM)
How Tim ELlis version or using 1-4 razor blades from the other razor blade DVD out by those two crazy guys (can't remember the name off hand).
Message: Posted by: EggMan (Sep 26, 2006 11:04AM)
Hi Candini,
I believe you're talking about the Razor Blade Magic DVD (Nicholas Byrd and James Coats)?
Message: Posted by: akc22 (Sep 26, 2006 11:10AM)
The Tim Ellis version (on Ellis in Wonderland DVD) is an excellent version. You do not start clean but you do end clean. The DVD is interesting to watch for Tim's facial expressions as well.
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Sep 26, 2006 12:45PM)
I agree with the Tim Ellis version. Easy and efective!
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Sep 27, 2006 01:02AM)
On 2006-09-26 12:04, EggMan wrote:
Hi Candini,
I believe you're talking about the Razor Blade Magic DVD (Nicholas Byrd and James Coats)?

Yes that is the one. I haven't seen anyone list the effects on the DVD. If someone could just give a little review, much appreciated.

Message: Posted by: psi-co (Sep 27, 2006 01:36AM)
I have to third Tim Ellis. I was lucky enough to see him do it live, using the Lemon Tree Song. Brilliant, funny, painful... so many mixed emotions. Exactly what your audience should feel when watching this.
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Sep 30, 2006 09:10AM)
I thought I heard someone talking about me in here... *g*

I'm REALLY glad you guys enjoy my 'Ultimate Blades'

To answer Candini's question, you can read about the DVD here http://www.magicunlimited.com/DVDs.htm
or read some reviews here http://www.magicunlimited.com/DVDreviews.htm

or even see me doing the blades (though not to 'Lemon Tree' for copyright reasons) here http://www.magicunlimited.com/videos.htm

Hope this helps!

Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Oct 2, 2006 01:46AM)
Thanks Tim. Also the question I asked you about through PM was answered when I watched the DVD again. No more bleeding now.

Your routine is golden. I did it an abbreviated version to music strolling in the easiest place to work (nightclub). Real winner. The big difference is seeing the actual razor that just cut paper go into the mouth. In fact, I was in the restroom washing the blades and a patron beside me asked me what I was doing with the razor, cutting powder:)! I told him no and used the blade to cut a paper towel then put it in my mouth and swallowed. I heard him ask the attendent if I really swallowed it and he said yes (I will tip him next time for sure).
SInce I was still dirty and didn't have the thread prepared, I stuck my finger down my throat to regurgitate the razor. Immediate reset! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Oct 4, 2006 06:51AM)
Nice work Candini!

Be careful doing it nightclubs though, the people their are quite often already in their own world of illusion and if you're not careful they'll grab the blades and try to eat them too. I'm not joking. I've had people with very glazed over expressions try to grab them out of my hand.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Oct 16, 2006 04:20AM)
LOL, thanks Tim! Great stuff.
Message: Posted by: Scott Alexander (Nov 5, 2006 06:25AM)
Stay tooned for my version to come out thru Bob Kohler.
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Nov 5, 2006 05:48PM)
On 2006-08-31 22:19, akc22 wrote:
Potassy is a master of this effect, read his book for his excellent (and simple) handling.

I agree. Paul's version is the most elegant way of presenting this. Very clean before and after. Watch out for his L&L instructional dvds to be released next year.
Message: Posted by: GWSchott (Nov 7, 2006 09:45PM)
WOW, Tim! Just checked out your vid...Awesome!