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Topic: Coming soon?
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 5, 2006 03:18PM)
As often happens, we are told about effects that will be coming out soon. These effects usually have fantastic descriptions that sound too good to be true. Often the product never comes out, or it does & it is very dissapointing.

I was thinking about this & wanted to start up a thread where you describe an imaginery effect as if it will be being released soon. Go nuts, get crazy!!!!!!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 5, 2006 03:24PM)
Pocket pal-

Imagine being able to borrow any coin & vanish it at your fingertips & have it reappear in a spectators pocket!

No- Pulls!

100% angle proof!
you never touch the spectator!

The borrowed coin can be signed!

All the pro's I have shown this to have been fooled very badly by it, I have had this trick in my personal repetoire for over ten years & it is THE most requested trick I do.

Release date is 11/15/06
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Sep 5, 2006 05:54PM)
I thought the idea was to "invent" an impossible to do trick. That one is actually not only possible to do as described, but has already been done, although it's not for sale. You're going to have to get crazier than that.
References FYI: Ricky Jay and Persi Diaconis, done with a card, but card or coin- no difference in this case.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 5, 2006 08:11PM)
Wow, a signed card into a spectators pocket & you never touch them, I do that quite a bit actually, but the reality of it is not what it seems, do I touch the spectator,no. Does the card end up in their pocket, yes!

Anyway, that was merely an example. Any trick is possible, I can do the trick described. But as the "ad" said, you never touch the spectator.

The idea here is to have some fun, I'm sure some of the things that are thought of may be feasible or actually exist.
Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Sep 30, 2006 01:22PM)
A spectator is given a 2 sealed deck of cards (one red one blue) and asked to open one deck and place the other sealed deck in their pocket.

The spectator is then asked to select any facedown card from the opened deck, sign the back, shuffle it into the deck, case the deck and hand it back to you.

The spectator is then asked to name any card out loud.

The opened/returned deck is removed faceup and the named card is found, turned over, and shown that the signature is not there.

The deck is turned facedown to find the signature...again not there.

The sealed deck in their pocket is removed and opened to find that their signature is on the named card.
Message: Posted by: Jahan YA U KNO (Sep 30, 2006 06:41PM)
My friend and I are trying to invent a coin transpo thru a bottle

scenario: a dime is in a waterbottle and a penny is in your hand

with just a squeeze of you fist and a shake of the bottle, the coins switch places!

still workin on it tho
Message: Posted by: Eddie Torres (Oct 1, 2006 02:09AM)
Tired of just having to smile and nod when a spectator tells you that you're good now can you make their wife dissapear? Read on fellow magicians... someone gives you the old "Can you make my wife dissappear" line and you smile, reach into your case, pull out a piece of fabric, whisk it over her and she's gone. Reappear the wife or just walk out, it's up to you! Can be done close up or stage. Coming to you in October, 2056. I'll make sure of it.

How's that?

Message: Posted by: mingo (Oct 2, 2006 03:05PM)
You have the spectator select a card.
You show them a face down card tatooed to your arm.
They rub the face down tatoo and it turns face up reveiling their selected card.

No forces
No gimmicks
Not a real tatoo
No reels, thread, batteries, or can even be performed shoeless.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Oct 3, 2006 10:30PM)
Message: Posted by: makeupguy (Oct 12, 2006 12:55PM)
You're naked. The audeince is naked.. you have deck of cards on the table.. you take out a deck.. and during your routine.. like a a LOTTA bowl..every once in a while you reach into the case and take out ANOTHER deck.. up to 9 decks of cards from the same case!!

Why are you naked?


haven't figured that part out yet.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Oct 18, 2006 11:36AM)
Great routine for a nudist colony!
Message: Posted by: Noel D (Dec 28, 2006 05:00PM)
The spectator selects and signs a card. All is going great and you're about to launch into your ACR variant when...


Problem no more! With this brand new trick, you can turn any heckler into the selected card and solve two problems at once!

- somw guy.

Available when hell freezes over (and with global warming, it shouldn't be too long, right?)
Message: Posted by: Louis.P.M (Dec 28, 2006 07:23PM)
The next day at school, you can blow david blaine right off!

Imagine asking anyone to point to a locker. Have anyone inspect the locker and the padlock. Gently take the padlock and let the crowd watch the lock visually melt through metal. The locker can then be opened and looted if pirates are part of the audience.

100% impromptu
100% examinable
100% illegal

"I showed this to my principal and I got expelled..w00t" -MagicMax69

Also coming soon: House breaking... the magician's way!
Message: Posted by: sirbrad (Jan 12, 2007 04:15AM)
"Just imagine...you place an ordinary coin in your hand, it can even be borrowed and signed by any spectator...they watch as you close your hand, finger by finger, thus concealing the coin entirely...your other hand then comes over to roll up your sleeve, if you happen to have one, although having one is not necessary...you then make some magical gestures, and tell the audience to "watch!" You continue gesturing...and gesturing...and gesturing...as your face begins to show signs of confusion, and even agony...after about 10 minutes you finally open you hand...finger by finger...and to the audience's absolute amazement...the coin which was placed into your hand exactly 10 long minutes ago...is STILL there! Completely untouched, unmoved, and unharmed!"

"This effect is guaranteed to leave an astonished look on your audience's faces. They will be in utter disbelief that absolutely nothing has happened to the coin! Astounding effect!"

Things to remember:
Coin can be borrowed
Coin can be signed
Coin never even moves from its original position
Coin does not vanish
Coin does not transform into anything
Coin can be flipped to reveal other side
Coin can leave indentations on hand due to excessive squeezing
Coin can be kept, or given back to the spectator

Totally impromptu! Can be done with absolutely no setup, and no gimmicks involved! No sleight of hand required at all, very easy to do and self-working! You will be performing this SECONDS after receiving it! We 100% guarantee that your audience will be totally baffled when you open your hand, and the coin is still in the same EXACT position as it was previously! They will assume your hand is empty, or contains something else; boy are they wrong! This is a trick they are guaranteed to talk about for the rest of their lives, and will leave them scratching their heads for years!"

Preorder now, and pay $20 more for being impatient, and pay excessive shipping costs! What a deal!

"This is probably the most stunning effect that I do in my current working repertoire, and I am just now releasing it after 20 years of keeping it to myself. It is the single, most amazing effect that I have ever thought of, and my most proudest achievement to date. (That is until at least next month) The audience will absolutely be in a state of shock, and not in a million years, will they expect the outcome of this effect! I promise you, your audience will say what the ....??? or I will refund you immediately! It is that good!"

J. Shankey