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Topic: One way to get OFF the streets
Message: Posted by: suspectacts (Sep 7, 2006 04:45PM)
I have made my living busking for almost 20 years but next week I will perform (with some very talented friends) as part of the Boston Comedy Festival. here's the poster -


Here's a link to the festival site,


If you're in the area, come on down.

I won't be passing the hat, but if you like slip me $5 bill as I pass.

Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Sep 7, 2006 05:21PM)
Sweet, I won't be in the area, but good luck to you!
Tell us how it went.
One question. Why is the name of the post "One way to get OFF the streets?"
Message: Posted by: AntonDreaming (Sep 7, 2006 06:35PM)
Because hes getting off the streets and into the clubs! Man Peter you are one funny guy. Anyway I had no idea you were doing this thing for 20 years! Good luck to you man and kick ***.

Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Sep 7, 2006 08:28PM)
Break a leg, Peter! And good on you for getting the gig!

Lee Darrow, C.H.