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Topic: Nesting a ] Trans-mission impossible and others
Message: Posted by: Joshua Lozoff (Sep 11, 2006 06:39PM)
I'm working with some of Dean Dill's pieces from Coin Magic 2000, particularly his Trans-mission-impossible. My tape messes up right as he describes his way of setting the ] on the coin while covering them with his palm.

What am I supposed to do, lever it up by pressing the front down into the mat, or more of a purse palm type thing? I think that's what I hear Dean saying through the garbled video.

Neither look too good. The levering doesn't seem to work too well -- I really have to press down to get the back up high enough to nest. Pinching the ] between my first an fourth fingers doesn't look too smooth either.

Thanks for any tips.
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Sep 12, 2006 06:09AM)
You should pm or mail Dean himself Joshua.
The pursepalm/frontfinger clip, like many, many coinsleights is more difficult than it looks at first try. It is one thing to be able to do the sleight technically, but something else to do it unnoticed. Very few guys I know can do it without the unnatural looking squeezing of the fingers and thumbs stretching spastically...

What you can try is covering the smaller motion of "clipping" with larger motions of movement of the hand.

It is quite a challenge to make the frontfinger clip look natural, let alone invisible. In spite of what a lot of people may tell you.