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Topic: What in a website?
Message: Posted by: TannerJade (Sep 17, 2006 07:06PM)
On a magic website, what would you like to see? Articles, videos?

I just thought it would be neat to know what the ultimate magic website would have on it (content wise, etc.)

I know not one forum will ever reach what the Café has accomplished thus far!


Message: Posted by: TannerJade (Sep 19, 2006 07:10PM)
No ideas...


Message: Posted by: Majestic12 (Sep 19, 2006 08:59PM)
How about lay peoples perspectives about magic effects using marketed items that is filmed before a live audience. Then the videos could be loaded onto the site for viewing. We get to see the performance of a trick on the market, real world reactions and then real world testimonials from people who are non magicians.
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Sep 19, 2006 09:23PM)
Well, for one thing, the website could make my photo look a little thinner - maybe even without my asking (thank you, that IS a very flattering photo)