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Topic: Silver Surf II VS DesTROYers
Message: Posted by: rutabaga (Sep 18, 2006 08:24AM)
I'm looking for routines using a flipper. Is there much overlap in the above two publications? Or is it worth getting both [simply for the flipper routines]?
Message: Posted by: jimmyj (Sep 18, 2006 09:26AM)
Hello rutabaga,
A fellow Canadian coin worker. I like it. I have both DesTROYers and Silver Surf II. I'll PM you.
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Sep 18, 2006 11:20AM)
I have DesTROYer and I will say its routines on flipper usage is excellent!
Message: Posted by: BooRadley (Sep 20, 2006 11:49AM)
While I've heard good things about Destroyers, I'd stay away from either of the Silver Surf booklets. I found the descriptions to be difficult to understand and most of the illustrations/photos worthless. Nice effects, but not well described and not worth the money--in my opinion.

I'd check out http://www.magicjax.com/ Ron is a regular on the forum and had a niftly little routine you might like.

Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Sep 20, 2006 01:10PM)
Good advice, Ron Jaxon offered a routine based on a flipper, it is call flipmout.
I bought it from him (PDF Download) and is very good, it is not listed on the web page, you need to ask Ron for the link.

Message: Posted by: rutabaga (Sep 20, 2006 02:17PM)
I've seen some video of Ron's routine - if that's the one done over a pool table in which the gaff is put in the spec's hands. I can imagine that's VERY powerful. Careful spectator management required I bet!
Message: Posted by: Jaxon (Sep 20, 2006 03:43PM)
Thanks guys.

You can find Flip-M-Out here:

IT's true you do need to have some spectator control to do it but it's not as hard as you might think. In my approximately 15 years of performing this routine just about anything that can go wrong has and I've spent a lot of time working out ways to prevent them from happening again. That's all covered in the E-book.

I remember Garret Thomas had some nice stuff with a flipper coins also. So check out his work too.

Right now I'm working on a matrix routine with a flipper. Normally it would require one of the gravity flipper coins but in the Flip-M-Out E-book I show a way to make any flipper coin work like a gravity flipper (meaning is has to lay flat when open).

In my opinion the flipper coin is the most underused gimmicked coin out there. When I first started doing my routine most magicians had never heard of the flipper coin. So I fooled a lot of magicians with it back then. Now days it getting more widely known. Dang it!.. :)

Good luck.

Ron Jaxon
Message: Posted by: LeeDillingham (Sep 20, 2006 04:10PM)
I have both and I have found them very valuble. Silver Surf II is just a small pamplet and DesTroyers is a large hard-cover book. I purchased both at one of Troy's lectures early last year.