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Topic: Coppy writting phrases
Message: Posted by: AntonDreaming (Sep 24, 2006 12:25AM)
Im working on a small line of "things that shall remain nameless" I was woundering what are some of the best was to protect an original phrase from other ripping it off. The phrases will be part of the product.... Just curious if anyone has any info. I know I'm being vauge but please help.

Message: Posted by: Steve V (Sep 24, 2006 01:51AM)
Trademark it.
Steve V
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Sep 24, 2006 07:00AM)
Ask Paris Hilton. :)
Trademarking it would work, but I don't know how you would get to do that. Try contacting a local lawer maybe?
Message: Posted by: kregg (Sep 24, 2006 09:31AM)
"Where's the beef?"
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing."
"Make my day."
"That's a good thing."
"You're fired!"

Supposing that your catch phrases are even worth repeating; if the public wants to use them they will.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Sep 24, 2006 11:04AM)
R & TM it like said above.
Message: Posted by: AntonDreaming (Sep 24, 2006 11:40AM)
Thanks guys! Im not worried about people repeating it out loud or anything Im just worried about people re-using the phrases on an identical or simmilar item. Esp because these phrase are to be voted on by the public later. I wouldent want some one to vote and say hey I like that idea and then run with it.

Thanks guys!