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Topic: Some things you should know...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 7, 2001 04:01PM)
Though most of the features here are explained in the good old "FAQ" area, there are a couple which are not listed there.

[b]Private Messages:[/b]

[b]The Magic Café™[/b] features a private message system in the upper right corner of the forum. You can use this to both send and receive messages between other registered members. Very useful indeed.

[b]Who’s in the Café?:[/b]

Wondering who might be online in the dining room? Click the "Currently Browsing" link.

If they are a registered user, their name will appear. If lurking, just "Guest". Cool huh?

[b]Automatic update:[/b]

Approx every 15 minutes [b]The Magic Café™[/b] will update the entire forum (refresh), allowing users to see any additional posts that are being made. Kinda’ nice eh?