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Topic: Do you think magic has changed for women in the last decade, and if so how?
Message: Posted by: Beth (Oct 1, 2006 06:44PM)
I am really excited about having a forum for the ladies here at The Café.

So.... has magic changed for women in the last decade? I think so.

I do think there is more of a coming together with other female magicians in the magic community of late. I feel that there is "change in the air".You know, there is a theory about the collective unconscious and how through out time people tend to invent the same things simultaneously... like suddenly it is steam engine time and people seem to get the same ideas for inventions... and it really reminds me a little of that.. like a time for us to come together.

An example of this is all the forums for female magicians popping up. The Magic Divas site is a good example. Also saw where MWC is planning a section devoted to women in magic with Gay Blackstone, Luna Shimada, Ann White, Tina Lennert, Alyson, Diana Zimmerman, Joanie Spina, Elizabeth Warlock, Mandy Davis and Becky Blaney. Which sounds very cool to me. I recently read the write up on Arian's and Luna's Yahoo group site in Magic Magazine too, and of course our lovely new forum at The Café. Shrug... Perhaps, collective unconscious is a little esoteric, but hey who knows right...like there was a time for the steam engine, perhaps it is time for women in magic. :)
Peace Beth
Message: Posted by: scooter magic (Oct 1, 2006 07:31PM)
I would definitely have to agree with you about change it isn't gust magic it is the whole world. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you ask most people but there are still some that think that women need to stay at home and serve there husbands but they will get over it and will most likely just sit on there butts and complain about it.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Feb 10, 2007 11:54AM)
Yes I do...there's more women in magic now more than ever.

25 years ago, I remember Diana Zimmerman performing
when she was on the tour with us for the World's Greatest Magic.

Of course, then, a solo women magician then, couldn't ever make
it with their significant counterpart.

so while Diana may have had her own show, her husband at the time
was there and she also assisted him too.

I have a neat photo of all the Magician's wife/asistants from the tour.
Plus David Bamburgs (Fu Manchu) wife, Lola in it. Its really neat.

The female assistant always get the least amount of credit in the show.