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Topic: My new rabbit - ideas for names?
Message: Posted by: Marvello (Oct 3, 2006 05:41PM)
He is a darling boy - any ideas for good magic bunny names?

Message: Posted by: WKM (Oct 3, 2006 06:25PM)
Message: Posted by: Marvello (Oct 4, 2006 07:27AM)
He kinda looks like a merlin... hmm

anyone have any other ideas?
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Oct 4, 2006 07:37AM)
Spike or Killer
Baron Otto Von Grumpy-ears
"The Rabbit that shall not be named"
How's that for a start?
Message: Posted by: Marvello (Oct 4, 2006 10:19AM)
Gwyd - too funny. Those may be good names for a ren fair or goth show, but I mainly do family shows, though I do like "Baron Von Grumpy-Ears" (even if it doesn't fit his personality).
Message: Posted by: Regan (Oct 4, 2006 10:19AM)
He's big and beautiful! Since his colors look like himalayan, and he is big, call him "Hemi".

Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Oct 4, 2006 10:32AM)
I used to use a rabbit named Spike back when I did kidshows. Had great fun with it. Telling the children how I was going to bring a horribly dangerous animal out named Spike, then pulling out a siamese lop bunny. I would sometimes put a fur lions mane on him a couple of times.
Got the "Awwww!" reaction every time.
Change Baron Von Grumpy-ears to Baron Von Fuzzy-Ears?
Of course, there's always Harvey.
Message: Posted by: Marvello (Oct 4, 2006 12:56PM)
Gwyd- I used to have a cat named Spike, though we spelled it Spyque. At the same time we also had another cat named Fido, but we spelled it Phydeaux.

Regan- he is a californian, but Hemi would work for a californian, too (far out dude)
Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (Oct 4, 2006 01:32PM)
Yo yo yo, how about "B-Rabbit"(Bunny Rabbit). Like in the movie Malibu's Most Wanted, the lead characters name is BRAD. He calls himself "B-RAD" The kids will think that you are hip! :)

Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Oct 5, 2006 01:11AM)
Name him

Message: Posted by: GaryW (Oct 5, 2006 06:42PM)
First name that jumped to mind: "Smudge" (from the nose).
Message: Posted by: durgy (Oct 6, 2006 09:17AM)

don't mean to high jack thread but any good names for doves?

Message: Posted by: Crispy (Oct 6, 2006 10:06AM)


The Bunny Formerly Know as (insert unpronouncable symbol here)
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Oct 8, 2006 09:53AM)
He just looks like his name should be "Bruce The Bunny", for some reason. :D
Message: Posted by: Marvello (Oct 8, 2006 08:17PM)
Well- I decided on a name - [b]Baxter the Bunny[/b]
Message: Posted by: Dizzy (Oct 10, 2006 06:35PM)
He's so cute. I can't believe how long his whiskers are, they nearly touch the floor. It looks like he's be digging in the garden with his nose because it's grey.

I so want one. Give Baxter a big hug and kiss, I'm sure he will be a fantastic partner,

Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Oct 16, 2006 11:43PM)
Good choice
Message: Posted by: Vinnie Laraway (Oct 17, 2006 02:35PM)
I think taking a magicians name would be pretty cool to use for your bunny...

How about:

Asher (for Lee Asher)
Derek (for Derek Dingle)
Marlo (for Ed Marlo)
Wagner (for J.C. Wagner)
Thompson (for Johnny Thompson)

Hope this helps,
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Oct 17, 2006 02:47PM)
My rabbit is named Houdini.
Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Oct 17, 2006 04:28PM)
Name him Meka-Leka-Hi-Meka-Hiney-Ho, or Rabies, Or Q-Tip, or just say you didn't name him because the little monsters told you not to.

Haas :)
Message: Posted by: Sylver Fyre (Oct 20, 2006 01:24PM)
Marvello- Does he have pointy sharp teeth?
He does look a little grumpy in the picture but that adds to his cuteness. Kinda like he just woken from a really nice nap.
Message: Posted by: kregg (Oct 20, 2006 03:15PM)
I would use a popular character name from a current animated movie or series, if I performed for children.
Message: Posted by: Marvello (Oct 20, 2006 10:21PM)
He has pointy sharp teeth, but he hasn't used them on me or anyone else yet. once he started to bite me just to let me know he didn't like what I was doing, but he did not chomp down - just a reminder. I took him to the vet today for a checkup and he weighs 8.66 pounds, and he got a clean bill of health. He was at the Humane Society for around 6 months before I came along and saw him, so he has a bit of work to do as as far as getting used to being handled, but he loves pets to the head, and he loves his hutch - I got him a big dog kennel (big enough for a large dog). He is almost too big to use in a show - but that is not the main reason I got him - I like rabbits - they make nice pets, and as soon as I saw him I knew he was the one. He is too big for my Kovari Pet Shop, and I am waiting on a Duck Bucket to see if he will fit in that.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Oct 21, 2006 06:55AM)
He is big! I like the name you decided on. He looks like a Baxter!

Message: Posted by: kimmo (Nov 17, 2006 06:59PM)
My rabbit is called Keith.