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Topic: Barns & Noble
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Dec 26, 2002 05:48PM)
I cant go anywhere but to the local Barns and Nobles to buy my magic books. My mom will not let me buy on-line for some reason so does anyone know of any good books I can Special order at Barns and Noble?
Message: Posted by: Dave Egleston (Dec 26, 2002 08:13PM)
You can get the whole Dover series of magic books - There are a bunch of great books to be had for cheap!!
I also saw blaine's book there -
If you're a beginner - Mark Wilson's complete course in magic is there

Message: Posted by: saturnin (Dec 26, 2002 08:34PM)
HI Wikiro,

all the followings books are available from B&N.com
-all the VERY GOOD books by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue (Expert Card Technique, The Royal Road to Card Magic, Card Manipulations,Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, Card Manipulation, More Card Manipulation,...)
-Books by Arthur Buckley (Card Control)
-Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase
-The Complete Mark Wilson book of Magic
-Any books by Karl Fulves
-For coin magic; get J.B. Bobo's "Modern Coin Magic" (the bible of coin magic)

Hope this helps

Ronnie Lemieux
Message: Posted by: Jeff Chesnut (Dec 26, 2002 09:41PM)
I bought Royal Road to Card Magic, Hugard's Card Manipulations, Fulves Self Working Card Tricks, Bobo's Coin Magic, and Wilson's Complete Course in Magic all from Barnes and Noble.

I would guess that if you name a book, they would have a good chance of getting it for you.
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Dec 26, 2002 10:18PM)
I've also found Magic For Dummies and the Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic to be pretty good. They're both pretty similar, so you probably don't want to buy both. But they've got some good stuff in them, and you can also use them as a comedy prop during your show. Mess up a trick on purpose, then pull out the Magic for Dummies book and pretend to find the right way, then do the trick right. That always gets a laugh for me. Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Chance Wolf (Dec 26, 2002 10:37PM)
Hey Wikiro,
Try Bill Tarr's "Now you See It Now you Don't" Lessons in slieght of hand. This was one of my first books and it is very well illustrated with easy but semi-pro type routine basics. He has a second edition as well. They are affordable and I amazed people for quite awhile with these effects.
Good Luck!
Chance :fruity:
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Dec 27, 2002 03:34PM)
I went on there web site and they have a lot of magic books, but the thing is they all look like books for big time beginners. Im a beginner to everything in magic but cards.
I like escapes so I thought the Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks by Stewart James would be a good choice does anyone agree?